Why does my goliath leaderboard KEEP getting reseted


Im about to never play this game again.
All the work i put into it and nothing to show but a level .
Undefeated with over 50 wins and all i have to show for it is , 3-0
ITS BROKEN and to be honest , i think I’m over it.
Don’t know if i’ll be back to play this game , since even after an extra 5 months to get your stuff together , you still failed.

Broken servers , Broken leaderboards , Broken.


Leaderboards don’t really mean much since they don’t record losses effectively. If your leaderboard position is causing you to consider not playing, you should probably go play another game


Should focus on whether or not youre enjoying playing the game, not how high you are on the leaderboards.

The leaderboards don’t mean anything since people can sleeze their way to the top (400+ wins and 0 deaths my ass top goliath, you left games before you died). Im also pretty sure theyre going to reset/get rid of all the leaderboards once ranked play comes.