Why does losing in this make game make their opponents "OP'd"?


I don’t understand how people claim that this monster or hunter are OP’d just because you get you rear end handed to you a few times. Some people play better than others and there will undoubtedly be times when you run into monsters or hunters that are way above your skill level. This is about average people like myself I am not an extraordinary player, far from it matter of fact. Sometimes I win sometimes I lose but normal run of the mill players screaming OP every time you get served up is ridiculous. I respect top tier players that really have legitimate claims about imbalance and can tell the difference when something is too strong or too weak. However, normal people acting like you can’t reach the upper echelons of Evolve fame because of imbalance? Stop crying and play. I lost every game yesterday as the monster and it was because I was outplayed not because the game doesn’t work. Any opinions about the effects of imbalance on average players or lack there of chime in below.


I know this is a bit cynical, but…

Welcome to the Internet, 2015. Last year, Call of Duty doesn’t even hide that they sell more copies to kids than they do to adults.


Its just video games man. Most people never think its there skill level.


I agree I miss the days when the didn’t have to update games every other week for a never satisfied fan base. It doesn’t matter how many adjustments are made people will always say it’s broken no matter what game it is.


The newest patch is the first one I’m actually discontent with. I wouldn’t mind the perks and buffs getting nerfed, but I think it was overdone. Although I am sure that, in some way, TRS devs have the stats to show WHY they needed a nerf. Yeah, okay, 15 percent to 10 percent isn’t too big of a deal. It’s just 5 percent. It’s the bigger nerfs, like Damage Buff down to 25 percent from 35 percent, that are going to slow the game down.


People expect themselves to win each and every game no matter how good or bad they play. Everyone has something to complain about when they lose no matter what the situation is.

How often have you played a FPS like COD and died and said “Yea, that was my fault” instead of the plethora of excuses. Same happens in this game.

The only difference here is that there really isn’t that big of a pool for hunters and monsters. 16 hunters and 4 monster isn’t a whole lot so it’s pretty easy to point fingers at which specific hunter is giving you problems.


Dude, the 35% damage buff was gg. It needed to be toned down.


You see, gaming and the gaming community have taken a rather poor turn for the worst. Back in the golden days of gaming, games used to be actually challenging and difficult to master this made the game last longer do to redos and mess ups. Those challenges that were so difficult, also gave the player a sense of far greater accomplishment in skill and feel after finally beating the game. Over the years, the popular games that took up a lot of the gaming population, became easier and easier with each sequel (like COD for example). Then, those sequels not only gave the older fans a greater sense of skill without any real improvement, but also affected the new fans and younger players setting their skill level lower than the previous generation. But this lower skill requirement has taken hold of the campaigns mostly which also has driven players to adopt the online play. The online play was a great endeavor to players because they can play against other players yes, but another and probably the most driving factor that makes those players want to play online to to overcome the challenge of other human beings and showing their dominance which appeals to some of our more primitive instincts deep within our subconscious yet we don’t realize it because it has been adapted into a normal sense of fun. But as previously stated, since games have gotten easier, that sense of falsified skill leads to an inflated ego. We all have encountered this problem including myself and I admit that. But as I’ve gamed over the years, I’ve noticed that same ego also took the fun out of it by an extreme amount just by getting my butt handed to me once in a blue moon. Then I’ve considered of what caused me to get so angry and what made the game so unenjoyable. It was for the reasons I have previously stated. In other words, the people/ players that give us a run for our money, also are the same people that put the real ‘challenge’ that gaming was born with so many years ago. Now whenever we get beaten we try to blame the game instead of ourselves because of that inflated ego. That’s why I ditched that ego and took the step to really enjoy the game, which is accept my losses and enjoy the battle that lead to it’s conclusion. The only time I call anything OP is after experiencing something that gives a hint to it and I conduct tests with other players or if there is an option, a private match with dummies that stand still (which is rare nowadays and sucks lol). Those tests can take up to an hour with the simplest occurrences to countless hours with a game like Evolve. I’ve conducted tests with Evolve and I’ve had help from @AscendedOne to come up with some of my conclusions and if it weren’t for him sometimes I overlooked some results and see what I missed. Like he helped me come up with the conclusion that Caira needs a 5% healing nerf per grenade at maximum because 5 grenades adds up to a 25% overall healing reduction and I think that might be a little high as is and I’m a main monster player, but I don’t let bias get in the way for balance so all players can enjoy the game whether they win or lose. So the next time whether you win or lose, make sure to review how you played and how your opponent has played, before trying to jump to the OP or UP conclusion. I’ve actually had glorious battles from losing as Monster because I imagine the good guys triumphing the beast for the greater good of humanity in a badass monster movie setting. If I win, I imagine the same thing except the monster is hunting the last victim down and as he thought he lost me, he turns around seeing nothing releasing a sigh of relief but then the sound of the beast smelling pierces his eardrums as he turns to look into the eyes of the beast. Then the camera rises to the tree tops with nothing for the audience to hear but the startling screams of the hunter being ripped to shreds in a merciless slaughter.


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Because it is unfun to lose in this game a lot of the time. If you’re losing hard to a monster, you probably won’t see amazing plays from them, you probably won’t see them at all. If you’re losing hard to hunters, you also probably won’t see amazing plays from them, you’ll just see them on your ass constantly with no (apparent) way to escape.

This doesn’t apply so much in symmetric games, because in those anything your opponent uses on you you can use on them.

It doesn’t help that the balance in the game actually is a bit iffy.


Ik a few close rounds im like

"Argh! I wouldve won if the spore gun wasnt op( noob as a kraken tryna snipe) or

“dam torvald still op as hell with the damn mortars”(playing as goliath and close to win but lost due to not focusing on VIP hunters and playing messy) these guys honestly believe they shouldnt lose instead of being a lil mad for a few minutes.


Just replying that sometimes there is one thing that is OP, and that would have to be the Kraken’s ability to stay in air.

The Wraith’s movement was bursty and best for evasion but it wasn’t too much use in combat. Behemoth’s roll and Goliath’s leap are both fine.

Kraken can stay in air indefinitely and is pretty much unaffected by all the Trapper’s equipment except the dome (obviously, not too helpful since he can stay at the tippy top all the time) and the harpoons (only a split second). Between that and how rapidly the moves can be chained, it can be quite comfortably said that the Kraken needs tweaking.

Pre-nerf Wraith could be comfortably countered by a change in thinking. All Monsters, except Kraken, can be countered by a change in thought process.

Kraken requires monster player incompetence to be brought down.


I got around to trying to read your monstrosity.

What? If you reduce the healing of each grenade by 5% then the overall healing of all 4 (not 5) grenades Is still only reduced by 5%. I am of the belief that Caira needs no change and is right where she should be and would rather the other medics be balanced to her level rather than taking Caira down to their level.

For the record, Caira’s healing grenades heal targets other than herself for 125 health out of the 1600 max health for hunters. She heals herself for less than she does others with her grenades but I have not established what that number actually is.


You said yourself that it would be 5% buddy lol unless you’re not the same ascended one I talk to and I mistakened ya for him :confused:


In our original conversation I said something along the lines of the largest healing nerf caira could sustain was 5% to her grenades, but that didn’t mean I agreed with such a change. You said a 5% nerf to her grenades would add up to 25% for 5 grenades. Which makes no sense.


Most humans are sore losers, and instead of using the brains cells to think of a legitimate reason for their claims, or really think about why they lost, they give into impulse (the easy way), give irrational, invalid excuses, and inthis case, they scream OP. People don’t like losing. The player in Evolve are no exception. However, yesterday I some how managed to do extremely well against a what seemed to a premade team with a Sunny as a support (her shield drone is the bane of my monster play). I somehow won the first match, and the second match I won with no health loss. I was using a hit and run tactic, where every time I downed someone I would flee, regain armor, and then attack that person again and flee again when I get another a strike. It involved a shit ton of running in circles, but it worked.

At the end of the match the players complimented me saying I did well, though they would assume I must get a lot of shit from players who play against my Goliath. I couldn’t tell if they were being sarcastic or not, but they kept emphasizing they did not want to have any misconceptions and generally thought I was one of the best Goliath players.

I personally think I am not too good, but it was nice change to hear people accepting defeat and willing to play against me again. They considered switching up there hunters to see how effective it would be, which shows me they actually want to adapt and learn to a monster play style, not just rage and quit.

Again, they could have been sarcastic about it for all I know… I couldn’t really tell.


Which is why I said it might be too high. I am unsure if it is even the correct way. That’s why I was passive about it my man


What is the “which” of which you speak? There is no reason in my post for why a 5% nerf would be too large. When did you say it was too high? (Assuming you mean the nerf amount of 5%)

Don’t remember that. You suggested 15% and 10% nerfs, going beyond the 5% nerf amount I apparently argued you to and perhaps beyond. Think you even suggested nerfing Caira down to Val’s level before the 50% self heal increase occurred.


When something is consistent though…you have to check for it being OP.

New skyborne Kraken is OP.