Why does Lennox's AA gun shoot faster in the tutorial?


If you look in the tutorial, why does it shoot faster when they are demo-ing the AA gun?

I wish it was like that though, it seems better :smile:

I noticed this when Lenny first came out, but never posted anything about it…

@MaddCow gameplay… Start at 1:06 and you will see it


It’s been adjusted I believe, and in the tutorial it wasn’t. :slight_smile:


I thought the damage was adjusted…

Edit: The only thing that was adjusted


It may have been adjusted just before release. I remember someone saying something about the sound being changed before it was made available.


hmmm, do you think only the sound was changed, or was it the RoF too?


That faster fire rate looks very satisfying.


Doesn’t it!! :yum:


I feel from the video posted that a change must have been made late in the day to make it a slower firing more “Meaty” gun :smiley:


Rate of fire would have to be adjusted, but who can say when the tutorials were created compared to Lennox’s release.


I wish it was that fast… Sounds Terrifying!


They should bring that back but keep it’s current or soon to be dps. That would be cool.


Why does Hyde’s toxic grenade slow people down in the tutorial but not in game :wink: