Why does it take 3 melee's to kill WLM Harpoon?


It always takes 2-3 melee’s to get unhinged. I never had a problem with regular maggie’s harpoons, just WLM’s.


Perhaps you are hitting the melee button before you are completely facing the correct direction. Would have to have more video evidence.



Has anyone brought up how this thing goes threw walls at incredible distances?


There’s a lot of things wrong with that character. I think I remember one of the devs mentioning that Daisy’s flamethrower deals more damage than it’s supposed to, though I have no idea where the quote might be.


Devs are nerfing activation radius ~16% last we heard.

It’s a bug that causes it to do double the burn DOT I belive. They also fixed that in the MP if I’m remembering right.


Which hasn’t come out yet, correct?


Nope. Hopefully this weekend or the next.


F’ing awesome to know thx.


Yeah, hopefully. I think they can thank WLM for the majority of the playerbase leaving. Slim was just insult to injury.


Do you happen to know the range on it as of right now (wouldn’t know where to start looking)


Don’t really care when our trapper takes her vs kraken but that poon destroys golith which when I play monster that’s my main


That’s all I play in ranked, and it infuriates me. I play a fair, fun monster, and every match I run into asshats who knowingly use the most OP characters and tactics possible. All I can say is that I really, really hope they learn from this, because honestly the only thing that makes me stick around is the hope that things get fixed with the upcoming patches.


30m. They’re reducing it to 25m.


Time to main Kraken. Fight OP hunters with an OP monster.


I am awful with Kraken haha, I got destroyed a few days ago trying him out for the first time against competent hunters. Right now I just want to focus on getting good with Goliath, then I’ll start learning another monster. I have been fleeing til three more often, though. Which is just lame, but otherwise it often feels like I just hand Slim/WLM the win.


Honestly just FT3 all the way. It’s the optimal way to play against this comp and the mediocre silver expert/master teams won’t be able to punish you for it.


I’m starting to learn that the hard way ;-; I used to have a 2/1 W/L ratio before WLM, now it’s slowly dropping. Right now I think it’s at 1.6/1 or something.


Yup and as a hunter those who take kraken punish us for not taking WLM which is still like 8 out of 10 so not going to lie we use the hunters known to be op against known kraken players makes it fair if you ask me.


You could but going to hard sence my team run Val,Sunny, WLM, Parnell and all run movement speed so once we find you your not getting away that easy.