Why does it keep saying I'm disconnected from the xb live when I'm not?


It keeps kicking me back to the menu randomly when I’m in games saying Im not connected to the Internet when I know I am because I’m still in the xbox live party chat. Is this something on my end? And how can I fix it? Please and thank you


Have you tried a full reboot of your router and X1?


It’s that w/end bug that keeps reappearing that is supposedly not TRS servers fault “cough cough” all other games work fine!

I’m on ps4 btw every w/end including today “no network connection” I give up I really do!


Dude it’s server side bug nothing our end can fix this!


I get that too its just another annoying thing in evolve to deal with


Quit Evolve (from dashboard) then start it up again. It works with me.


Are they ever going to patch this problem? They keep saying its not there fault but no other game does it sooooooooo…


I think the cause of this issue is that the 2k servers can’t communicate well with the Xbox platform, so it ends up like this. If there’s someone to blame, it’s the server provider!


im not on xbox


Again, the 2k servers are probably having trouble with the PSN servers.

But when it doubt, ask @LadieAuPair!

Is my theory true sempai?


yup, PS4 is another issue. I updated another thread somewhere with the details. <3