Why does it feel like slims healing burst doesn't come up as often


I play slim a lot and I know pretty much how many shots I need to land until my next healing burst but since this new patch it been off usually I land 2 up close shots then my healing burst is up. 3 shots at medium range and 4 to 6 at long now it take 4 shots up close and the whole clip for anything else was this intentional for the latest patch? The one that came out on April 30th


Usually when Slim doesnt burst enough, I place the blame squarely on “You’re shooting a tree, Slim.”


Quick question, what perk are you using?
Also, monster?


I have the exact same feeling since the patch. The healing is petty darn garbage now. Maybe they broke something accidentally?


I’ll ask again, Perk?


Reload speed? Surely 5% couldn’t have made all that difference.


Sadly, that is most likely the case, when I run capacity my heal burst runs smooth like before, but when I use reload I feel really clunky, its weird


I’ll give capacity a try and see if it changes anything.


Go for it.
I could be crazy.
Never know…


I used both capacity and reload and I have done the testing usually when all of the pellets land that gives me half a bar so 2 shots with the all the pellets landing gives me a heal burst now it takes more than just 2 full pellets landing


Yeah, Reload Speed is broken currently and makes your class ability take longer to use.


But used capacity and other perks and it still takes more shots than usual to refill my healing burst


Capacity is the go-to since reload is broken, it’s not as good but it’s something…


Take dmg reduction for now. It’ll help if you start getting focused