Why does Griffin do more damage than Abe


Why does Griffin do more damage than Abe if Abe has to get up close for his full damage potential and Griffin only has to have line of sight it just didn’t seem fair to give him a higher dps to me


Pretty sure Abe does more, which is why his pick rate has increased in the recent tournaments…


@2Legit2Quit I don’t believe that’s the reasoning behind him being the currently favored trapper, or tracker in this case.
It’s all about the tags.


Abe does higher DPS, unless the Griffin can aim since his GR is pinpoint accurate and makes headshots beyond easy to hit


Yeah I know and his damage in stage 2 no armour domes is good too.


Abe can do some serious damage, for sure, nothing to say to that. I was only responding to why he was picked more often recently which I do believe is due to the perfect tracking to be 100% sure to get the evolve domes. The dmg is a sweet bonus nonetheless.


Well in a side by side Griffin does more damage


What’s the circumstances? A monster standing still facing the hunter?


Basically that’s what I’m assuming that damage chart that guy made was


But Abe does tons more o_o Maybe Griffin can beat him if the player has good accuracy


I don’t doubt that Griff can be very close to Abe in damage, just don’t think he’s doing MORE dmg than him.


Well the chart showed Griffin having a higher damage per a 60 seconds and he has better accuracy so I was surprised by that


Griffin has more sustained damage, Abe does greater burst, so in the long run Abe would deal less, but he ends fights faster than Grif


If you’re comparing that to the hunter damage chart, don’t. Sure, it’s pretty accurate but the DPS is assuming a 60 second interval of firing at the monster and not missing. You will very rarely ever get that sustained DPS in a game.

If you look at burst damage, Abe does twice as much damage. The biggest comparison here is that Griffin’s SMG has low damage but a large clip and fast reload, whereas Abe’s shotgun has high damage but a small clip and longer reload. This means that over a 60 second period of non-stop firing and reloading, Griffin will come out with a slightly higher DPS.

But again, you aren’t ever going to have a 60 second window to fire at the monster and land every single bullet. So, Abe is actually going to do quite a bit more damage, especially in shorter windows of time.


Ok thank you for easing my worries a little bit


Griffin does more base dps because he has to choose between dps and cc, Abe can slow the monster and shoot it with the shotgun while it is slowed, making it easier to deal his full damage, while Griffin has to stop slowing the monster, meaning while he is trying to shoot the monster it is free to move around, and hence is harder for him to deal his full damage to.


While that makes sense, it’s wrong :stuck_out_tongue: Abe has the HIGHEST base DPS for the Trappers. As mentioned above, he has small clips, and longer reloads compared to Griffin. So over time, Griffin catches up and even surpasses him. But that is in perfect conditions, and without using the Harpoon.


This. Abe can actually outdamage an Assault. It just isn’t practical.


Who mentioned assaults I was comparing him to Griffin


I was saying that Abe, ideally, has far higher raw damage than Griffin by making the point that he beats Markov/Hyde with their weapons.