Why does Goliath feel so weak now?

Everything about the patch tells me he should be stronger than ever, yet when I play him now I feel … sluggish, I think is the right word. Both his movements and Ability speeds feel slow as molasses. Is anyone else having difficulty with old faithful post-patch? Or maybe just my luck to be fighting decent Trappers & Sunny’s now?

The traversal nerf and leap smash radius reduction really hurt him.

there also seems to be a bug in goliaths traversals:

@MacMan would you look into this. I know he’s your favorite monster and I’m not able to play him yet. I want to play as Meteor Goliath danggit!!! xD

I don’t know. I’ve read multiple people saying he’s weaker now, but I’m still having success with him. I’ve totally changed my ability selection though.

1 rock, 1 leap, 1 fire breath - stage 1
1 rock, 2 leap, 2 fire breath, 1 charge - stage 2
3 rock, 3 leap, 2 fire breath, 1 charge - stage 3

For perks, I’ve been bouncing around a lot. Cool down is great to let you keep abilities at the ready. If I’m struggling to get separation, I go with movement speed. So many people are playing Jack, Griffin, Abe that sneaking with movement speed is more effective than stamina, at least for me.

If Jack is messing with you, just push through that force field to get to medic or support. The field stops you for such a short time, I find that I’m ok taking the damage if I can still get that one down before escaping. If you keep changing targets and let Jack control you, nobody goes down.

He died yesterday. The hunters finally got him. His funeral was planned for today but those damn trap jaws ate him.

Rip Goliath

He feels weaker because he is. I have been playing as Goliath nonestop and the buff to stage 1 are great. But the nerfs to radius were too much. Its so hard to land leap smash and charge.

I thought that distributing your points would be very empowering but its really not. Yes, you have a fourth skill, but that means that you are also giving the medic more time to heal while you land that 4th skill.

I believe charge hasn’t changed?. but yeah leap is super hard to land and rock throw. overall I would say he’s the weakest monster now

I feel like his level 2 abilities suffered the most.

  • Going from 0 points to 1 unlocks the ability, duh.
  • From 1 to 2 points in an ability makes the least difference (usually like a 5% damage increase). Leap Smash is the only ability even worth mentioning because it receives an acceptable radius buff at level 2.
  • From 2 to 3 points however, while still not particularly impressive, tends to apply more radius, range and speed changes than the other levels do.

This considered, 2 points in an ability is sort of nothing more than a “bridge inbetween 1 and 3” to me now. It’s best to have as few abilities with 2 points invested as possible.
I start stage 1 with Rock Throw, Leap Smash and Fire Breath.
When I evolve to stage 2 I max out Rock Throw and use the remaining point to increase Leap Smash only for the radius buff.

Fire Breath isn’t worth upgrading with only 1 point because that means all your stage 2 battles will be fought by a barely upgraded Fire Breath using a skill point that was best invested in another ability for the time being.
Same for Rock Throw imo so I just max it out for the level 3 buffs that are worth it.

This is just the playstyle I’m using right now. I hope so, so much that they change the ability damage values in future patches because a cheeky 3% damage increase for some abilities is just ridiculous.

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I had been using 2 Leap 1 Fire, then upgrading 2 Fire & 2 Charge pre-patch, as I found the unpredictability of Charge became superior to going 3 Points in Rock Throw at Stage 2. So the new changes forcing a distribution of points instead of zerging 1 or 2 doesn’t affect my Goliath that much. The big thing that is throwing me off now is both his speed, as was was mentioned, and that 1 point Fire Breath is no longer viable for Hunting 3-meats.

He does feel weaker. I’m still poking around in solo to see what combinations feels strongest.

Charge wasnt changed, but it was already a terribly bad skill. Thing is now you are basically forced to use it.

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Not basically. The patch reworked the Monsters so that you need to rotate your full 4 abilities to maximize damage while before it would seriously hurt your DPS. I think Charge does more damage now though, but it’s still basically a point blank ability at 1 point.

Yup. Unless you are point blank you are going to struggle landing that skill. I can tell you the I tried comboing Leap and charge…And leap cause knock back and my charge wasnt able to match the speed of the knockback!

Charge then Leap then fastRock?

I only ever went 2-3 points with Charge, so I can’t comment about 1-point effectiveness. I am pretty bummed that 3-point Rock isn’t quite the haymaker that it used to be. The added speed at 3 points is nice for sniping, but still.

I too am having issues playing goliath. left after the gold skins were out came back and I cant win anything with him. mobility isn’t the issue as much as damage, his melee seems soo bad compared to all the other monsters. His abilities don’t seem to hit hard enough to make up for such a lack of melee damage. really hope he gets a buff of some kind sooner than later, till he does he’s gone to the bottom of the list of decent monsters.

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His melee is equal to the Kraken’s but behind Wraith and Bob.

wtf why he’s completely in the fray up close and in your face why give him krakens melee?


Because… reasons?

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