Why does Evolve still not have any kind of a post game summary?


Summary showing damage done by both the monsters and the hunters. In fact if no one talks you can’t even see who you just played against. In any other multiplayer game there is a post game summary with the stats. The only stats Evolve has is what you did, you can’t see what the monster did or what the other hunters did.


More post match stats would be interesting.


i would like it :slight_smile:


This isn’t a suggestion, he’s asking a question. If he wants this to be a suggestion then he should change the post to make it look as so.

I would also like to have summary after the game. The Observer has it. It would be nice to have all those stats at the end of the game. It’s one of the things I really like about Smite.


Yeah, I would like something like that to compare how much damage vs how much healing a team did together. You can really see who pulled their weight that way and narrow down who needs to work on what.

I would also like to see them bring back the replay feature, but expand on it and make it something you can look back on the last 10 or so matches from your Profile.


This another thing I’d really like that Smite does. Being able to compare stats and look over things is really nice. It would also help with teams that are trying to get better at the game.