Why does Evolve crashes so much on me !?


every time i charge a stream or video to check things just before loading the character screen, it crashes and of course because it crashes i lose tons of points and makes all my effort disappear and it s really really starting to make me stop this game, why can t it handle loading pages ??? why does it breaks so much ??? do i have to be punished for checking the stream of some player that i m randomly against to see if he s streaming right now or not ? maybe if i was cheating but i m a good sport so i was gonna see his reactions and stuff after the match if i won or lost. Jesus christ i just don t get it


Well if you know when the crashes keep occurring then why Alt+Tab in the first place? Secondly, you shouldn’t be watching your opponents regardless IMO and perhaps it is just your computer. Evolve runs fine with no issues for me what-so-ever. Alt + Tabbing does nothing to me except for fixing graphical issues due to my drivers.


i do nt really alt tab, personnally i have two screens so i do nt know if it counts as alt tabbing but what i do is just making my mouse slide, no keyboard included