Why does everyone keep leaving?


Every time I hop on to play, people are constantly leaving matches when they start to lose, or vote to restart the match. I just played 5 games in a row where everyone either left or voted to restart when the game didn’t go their way. Can’t you all just accept a loss once in a while?


that always happens to me … :rage:


Some people are just sore losers, you get used to it


well wheres the reason to keep playing vs the same monster if he rekt u 4 matches in a row with more then 70% left?


Im afraid to say this is true in my case, and in some other peoples :frowning:


i guess we are talking about leaving midgame on the first game.

which i cant understand.

but i can understand if ure leaving after 2 or 3 matches of getting roflstomped


See, barring pre-nerf Wraith, I’d think that figuring out how to beat that Goliath or Kraken would be interesting.

I’ll go more than one round with Hunters who rekt me (unless I feel demoralized because then I don’t have the spirit to fight, but even then I don’t quit the match).


yes but sometimes uve just gotta accept that hes better or that ure team is just playing pretty poor at the time.


This is all over the forums actually. Can I assume you are on a console?

Unfortunately, it’s player behavior, and I don’t know how they can intend to solve it.

You get ALL your xp when you finish a match. That’s win or lose, and the benefit for doing either isn’t that good. It’s all based on your performance.

So even if you lose, if you try hard… you end up getting better unlocks and performance points.


And once your full level or elite… yeah.


I suppose yeah, what’s the incentive…

The more losses you accrue, the worse your rating. I suppose leaving a game doesn’t get counted… Maybe it should?


Because of this stuff. Fast forward to 5:50. Then watch he flys in the air for 50 sec. Never even comes close to the ground. How do you fight this guy?


Leaving in a lobby shouldn’t.

Leaving with a bug shouldn’t also,

The bloody game crashing shouldn’t also.


There’s many reasons why they would start leaving. It could be because one or more of the hunters suck and can’t play their role. It could also be because the monster is too good, so why stay in the match when you’re confident that you will lose?


Well how are you supposed to get better at something if you just quit every time you come across someone better than you? You can’t win or accomplish anything if you just quit every time something doesn’t go your way.


I myself am good with every class of hunters, and I quit matches because I get paired up with players who lack in skill. I wouldn’t quit matches if I had a squad, because the chances that we may win increases a whole bunch. Hunters are easy to manage efficiently, well to me of course.


You find a new game after a couple straight losses instead of just staying and waiting til mid-game to quit.


I agree to some extent, and I mostly don’t leave games in progress. I’m actually quite happy to stay and lose games vs. a competent team/monster as long as there is some challenge or entertainment. If I/we can defeat the hunters/monster without breaking a sweat, or get stomped so hard we do not stand a chance, there is no point in doing more than a few matches in the same setup.

You DO learn by playing against someone better than you, but only up to a certain skill gap. Simple analogy :

Would you learn more about boxing by getting beaten in a few rounds by a local boxing expert or by getting 1 punch ko’ed by Mike Tyson?


Harsher leaver penalty, even possible bans for leaving. It’s not that unusual.

However, before they can punish leaving more strongly, they have to fix some issues such as :

  • Spawning as a guard
  • Skirmish (hunt) launching nest/rescue/defend missions
  • Solo players who have low prio monster matched with full premade

In the current state of the game, I can’t blame players for leaving when medics decide to respawn as a guard.


THIS! People are only blame the quitters but not the people that make them quit. I never leave a game where I am with a good group of Hunters and we lose, NEVER!
But I leave games were idiot level 40+ players have still no clue what they do, how their class work or in general just play shit!! Because this people ruin the game for me too und unless there is a function to vote kick them or punish them in any other way for playing shit and selfish I have no other option then to quite.
I don’t give a damn how many games I have won compare to the ones I lost that may be important for others to quite not for me.