Why does everyone hate Kala?


I’m talking about within the lore of Evolve. All of the Hunters seem to express immense distrust, revulsion or downright loathing of her. Why? She injected herself with monster DNA, regardless of the horribly consequences and risks that she knew of, in order to gain more knowledge, yeah, but to help to save a planet full of innocent people. That’s pretty incredible, if you ask me. Courageous, noble. A little badass. But everyone seems to hate her for some reason.

I could understand distrust of her, keeping and eye on her and telling her they’d put her down if she went mad, but what they actually do is just plain cruel.

I personally feel like Kala deserves better and I’m wondering, is there some reason they hate her which I’m missing?


Honestly nope. You hit the nail right on the head.

It is this act that causes nearly everyone on the Hunter’s team to hate Kala. The Hunters see it as mad science and that she is being reckless with her practices. They see her as an abomination. She’s injected herself with the HNA of the Monsters and it’s slowly corrupting her body and even hears and says things that don’t come from her (if I’m not mistaken) and additionally she is blind through her left eye and suspects the Monsters can see through it.

They don’t trust her not only because of what she did to herself but what she’s become. The morals of it all, the ethics and at what risk is this truly worth it. Caira wants her taken off the team for her actions while people like Lazarus commend her for her scientific studies and willingness to brave the unknown. Maggie frankly doesn’t care as long as she doesn’t go mad and Slim understands and sympathizes for her for having the curse of becoming something that she is forever judged for because of.


I definitely understand that- I definitely wouldn’t trust her, but not because of who she is, because of the influences on her body.

I’d still condemn bullying her like they do though. I just find it sad because it feels, to me, like she was just trying to do the right thing, and it turned out horribly for her.


This is more how Cabot sees Kala. He is probably the most understanding of them all as he knows what she is trying to do. Cabot knows that she took that risk in hopes of gaining invaluable information on the Monsters and he knows that she wants to help. He doesn’t see her as an issue unless, of course, she becomes an issue. He doesn’t like that they bully her, mainly Caira as he even attempts to talk to her about the situation during certain dropship conversations.

Cabot trusts Kala and knows that despite what she’s done, she’s sacrificing herself for the greater good, so that Humans may know more of the Monsters and by knowing more they can perhaps fight back and stop them more effectively. That is why he allowed her on the team, despite what she’s done and despite the potential chance that she could at any moment lose control of herself and attempt a murder spree on the Hunters.

He’s taking that risk by trusting Kala, the risk that could potentially be putting the lives of his entire crew in even more danger than before for the reward of having someone so intelligent and invaluable towards knowing what makes Monsters tick.

In a way they’re a nice mirror to each other.

Cabot is risking his entire team by having her aboard for the huge reward of having her knowledge on the battlefield; just as Kala risked her life by injecting herself with the Monster HNA for the enormous reward of knowing exactly how they work, why they do what they do, and how to fight them.


Never thought of it like that, but it makes a lot of sense. It’s a shame we have no Cabot + Kala dialogue since they’re both Support.


One can hope that the glorious @Matthew may one day bless us with this opportunity.


There’s also several convos with Laz/or Val and Parnell talking about what she’s doing could potentially be would ending if people power hungry people like during Basilisks war would take her research and weaponize her like they did with Slim.

it’s really said what a mess of things could turn out to be, I really sympathize her but she new and understand there were risks.


I think if you’re sympathetic with Kala, that’s good. You’re meeting her when she’s a hero.

If you hear enough dropship conversations with/about her, I think you will eventually start to understand why everyone else on the ship thinks she’s incredibly dangerous to everyone there.


Very curious where you’re going to take her story. :open_mouth:


Slim doesnt understand or sympathize at all. He goes out of his way to call her out for hounding him hoping to get his sympathy and he denies her.

As far as the thread goes, i find kala immensely annoying. She incredibly one note in every single drop ship conversation. Its almost cathartic listening to her get shit on over and over.


Well Hyde seems to call Kala his China.


That’s just cockney slang for “mate”, and I assume that the British use it the same we Australians do- it can be an endearing term, but sometimes it’s just something you say sarcastically to someone you dislike too.


One of the best drop ship conversations is her telling Abe to kill her if she ends up going mad. @Matthew Did a great job with her character and how she interacts with the other hunters.


I have yet to hear that one. It just keeps repeating the one with Hyde and the one with Caira…