Why does everyone diss Cabot?


Im curious. People lately have been giving Cabot alot of crap saying he sucks post nerf. Now, i understand he isn’t as strong as before but he’s still the leader of the hunters and lets be honest for .5 seconds when i say that damage amp.is one of the best weapons in the game. What do you guys think?


People hate Bucket and Cabot because they don’t have shields to make them live longer sadly :<


At least that’s what I see people complaining about


There’s something about Cabots face I don’t like, that’s why I don’t like him


It’s because they’re jealous.

That and he’s not quite as amazing as he was before the nerf, which of course makes him suck. /sarcasm.

It’s not so much that he sucks, it’s that he requires an aggressive team with good positioning and jetpack management skills. In other words, the Hunters have less room to just let Support/Medic make up for avoidable mistakes.

Personally? I love Cabot. Pair him with a decent Assault and watch the Monster melt. When the amp is charging, rail cannon fo’ days yo.


All of the hunters are good…but they all have situations that they either are the best in or cant do anything in. Like how caira heals burst damage better then the other medic but if she cant land shots she cant heal so areas with a lot of obstacles are bad for her while laz can save the team from a losing fight but he cant heal that well so damaging but not incapacitating the hunters until you can get 2-3 down at once with mess him up.


Because they do not know the true power of Cabbage.


Cabbage is love, Cabbage is Life.


You mean this?


Neeeuuu don’t punch Cabot. ;W;


Odd because I normally have more trouble against Cabot than Sunny or Hank. Against Sunny and Hank, I know precisely who to attack first. Against Cabot, I get torn between him and Assault or Medic unless I’m Kraken. Not to mention Cabot being able to find hiding Monsters in a dome and his railgun still hurts like hell post-nerf.


cabot sacrifices survavibility for increased damage. he ends fights quicker where hank and sunny prolong the fight

hank can shield someone for basically twice there health bare

while cabot double the total damage you dealt. people will prefer increased suvivability to the end of days over more damage if there smart in evolve


I’ve done my crusading against Cabot when he was OP. Now he’s at a good position. How do I know? The only times I severely underestimate how long I can afford health wise to stay engaged is when Cabot is on the other team. My health drops like a rock when he’s on me.


Cabot needs an aggressive playstyle, you NEED to do damage. However this is also his problem, against good evasive monsters in the dome, you might not get that damage in so easily but you cant take much damage as Cabot doesnt deliver any defense.

Cabot is in no way bad, but with better defense its much safer to plan out your game and more forgiving. You are much less relying on the monster playstyle which is of course far better for the hunters.


Because once upon a time he did Assault levels of damage with his rail cannon. Now he doesn’t.

I think he’s in a good spot for balance, and I prefer him over Bucket when it comes to the damage supports.


Buckets problem is, he is even more monster playstyle related as you need to hope that the monster either ignores your turrets and then also fights where you place em…and his primary weapon is just awful while cabots railgun is a great weapon with extra-utility.


Nah, Bucket’s issue is just the damage itself, not so much the turrets anymore(Except vs Kraken).
And his launcher. That thing need some utility, like setting the monster on fire and a bit faster rockets.
I’d love a higher firespeed as well, I think that would synergise a bit more with the turrets.

His UAV is godlike if you can master it!


i feel like the damage per rocket is spot on consider there accuracy and area detonation. a faster reload is all i think to improve them. MAYBE increase the rocket velocity as well

but this isnt a bucket chat anyways



But the topic was summed up in once sentence in the first post.

So why not exploit this topic by venting a bit about Bucket since first are here? :stuck_out_tongue:


I still think cabot is good. He just requires an agressive team in order to be effective. I say he’s balanced enough.