Why does Dust Cloud from Cabot kill my FPS so much?


My video card is kind of old, about 3.5 years old now. It runs Evolve just fine until there ia dust cloud and boom, my
FPS cuts to about half what it normally runs. Slim spore clouds used to be the same way until they changed the graphics of it. Is there a way to make cabot’s dust cloud less graphic intensive?


I’d imagine it’s the particle effects on the Dust Tag. It’s likely the sudden addition of all those particles that murders the framerate for a few seconds.


It’s not the age of your card, mine is less than 6 months old and Cabot’s dust tagging cloud kills my FPS. I’m assuming that it’s more to do with how much memory you have on your graphics card (I only have 2GB) but I believe some people have reported poor FPS with higher specs than that even


I’m just asking if they can tone down the increased graphics from Cabot’s dust cloud. I know Slim’s cloud used to cause graphics lag so they changed its graphics now its fine. I am hoping they can do the same for Cabot’s Dust cloud. My FPS probably drops to around 20 when I’m inside a dust cloud, it is fairly debilitating.


It’s not down to the graphics, it’s the sudden influx of particle effects that the Dust tag brings with it. I’m not particularly savvy to the internal workings of a computer, but I think in this case it isn’t that your graphics cards isn’t good enough, I believe it’s another component entirely.


Its because of the Particles me, personally never got these fps drops but I’m sure they could halt the number of the Particles if they want.


Same here on gtx670 with particle fx on low, it brings down my fps from 60/70 to 10/15…


Fun fact:

My setup:
GTX 760 2GB Window 8.1 - Average: 50 - 60 FPS - Dust Tag 40 - 50 FPS
GTX 760 2GB Window 10 - Average: 50 - 60 FPS - Dust Tag 5 - 15 FPS

@TatzyXX my girlfirend has exactly the same Hardware like me. We bought together the PC components but on her PC:

GTX 760 2GB Window 10 - Average: 50 - 60 FPS - Dust Tag 40 - 50 FPS

I have no idea what causes this issue. I got few frames more if I turn off Avast but its not much.


It would be better if the particle effect only stays for like a second or 2 and then disappears. Instead it stays for longer than that and can be annoying at times.


Its the particles. I run Evolve fps 70-100 with R9 280xt, and if the Particles setting is Medium or higher, the fps will come down to 15. Its not about 2GB. I have 3GB (which is enough for with AAx2 to handle that according to my calculations).

Just set Particles to “Low” and the fps wont drop a single frame.


But why I got before my upgrade to Windows 10 50 FPS when the particles are there.


I have no idea, the fps drops are inconsistent. I can set the setting to medium. Sometimes (roughly 50% of the time) I get the drop, other times there is no drop.

I did try to test it, and it had some consistency “whether I look the dust while is scatters”. Meaning, if I look at it, I get the drop. If I flick left/right while its scatters and then look at it I dont get it. Having said that, its not consistent enough to provide any meaningfull info. Sometimes with any setting, I dont get those drops. Its like there is bottleneck somewhere that with right conditions “activates” while in some scenarios doesnt.

I had those while W7 and they are there while W10.


I believe @ArPharazon said something about this issue a while back, I’ll try and find the quote about it… I had a 4 year old gfx card swapped out not too long ago, and dust tag murdered my FPS xD

EDIT: Twas this thread, but other than that I got nothing.


I think dust tagging has a couple of issues that can hurt the frame rate, weaker graphics cards can get impacted by the particle effect, but there seems to be a large cpu component as well. I don’t know if the cpu issue has to do with tagging all the wildlife in the DT area, but I had slowdowns with dust tagging on my old system which was using an overclocked intel Q9645 quad core (6 yo high end cpu), and an R9 270x gpu. When I build a new pc I kept the gpu but used it with a skylake motherboard and an i5 6600. The dust tagging slowdown did not occur using the same video card, but a much faster processor.

If you are running a lower than recommended spec cpu that is probably the issue. The game will run fine most of the time, but the cpu becomes a temporary bottleneck when DT is used. The new optimizations they are working on for the next title update are supposed to help lower end PC’s, so maybe the issue will improve without having to upgrade.

One other thing I have noticed is that DT seems to be more of an issue when you apply it on top of your location. If you tag in the distance it does not have as much impact.


I agree that the CPU is probably the bottleneck with the Dust Tag effect. It creates an absurd number of particles. One of my cohorts here has been working on CPU optimizations (particularly geared towards lower end CPUs), and I remember him talking about the dust tag. At some point, these optimizations should make it out to the PC community. I can’t guarantee they will completely erase the problem, but they may help. You might still need to play with the graphics options settings too.


I have a 4GHz i7 with a GTX 960 (2GB) and dust tag brings me down below 25 FPS. Not saying this isn’t an issue with my rig, but I’m not sure it’s just a low end problem?


Why not making the dust tag cloud similar to the spore cloud of slim? I remember before you reworked graphically the spore cloud, that slim was litterally murdering my fps, and now with the “semplified” graphical adjustment, it works fine.


@Slewey is a pc player he could help


Let’s wait to see what the optimisations end up doing :slight_smile:


I’d just wait for the optimizations to come out. I haven’t played Evolve since I’ve upgraded my PC, but my i7 950/GTX770 had troubles with dust tag. Only thing is to update drivers if they’re outdated or wait for the optimizations to come.