Why Does Crow's Stasis Gun Not Ground the Kraken?


Can someone please explain this to me? Is this a bug, or an intentional design feature? Because I can hit the Kraken with as many full-charge stasis bolts as I want, and yet never get him grounded. It’s really starting to drive me mad.


Right now Kraken is broken so that none of the CC drags him down while he’s using abilities (which is most of the time), but I have heard that stasis gun didn’t ground him by design.

Personally I hope that’s not true, because it seems like it would make Crow essentially unpickable.


I think it is a bug where Kraken cannot be grounded by anyone. As far as I am aware the Stasis Gun is meant to ground him.


Its a bug that will be fixed soon, @MacMan stated in a post i made that it should be fixed this Thursday he said, we can hope :smile:


Well, I hope only the charged shots ground him. The little pot shots shouldn’t, in my opinion.


Yeah, that would be some seriously epic BS if the SG was made to not ground him, given how much stronger Kraken is in the air. But if none of the CC is grounding him at the moment, it makes me feel a little bit better. Hopefully TRS gets on fixing this pretty quick.


Stasis drags the Kraken down while in the field (or while charge shot is active). Harpoons pull Kraken down while attached.

Right now it doesn’t work correctly and most likely will not be fixed until the next TITLE UPDATE. What has been floated around is returning to making Stasis slow down the Kraken’s flight speed and making harpoons pull down at a faster rate until the fix is live.


Fixed tomorrow on PC if we are able to go live with the update. On console, it’ll be in the next title update, but we made other adjustments to help compensate during the interim.

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Can you give us the full patch notes please?


Awesome! Any idea when that title update will be made?


Good to know we’re getting a patch tomorrow!

On a different not are you going to do something to change the aimassist in this game? Frankly even calling it aimassist is a lie, that stuff is a downright aimbot.


The scary part is I don’t think Kraken needs the nerf. It’s going to relegate it trash tier with the Golaith if it’s as big of a change as it sounds.

So if this patch does what I expect, Kraken is going to be worthless. Got hit hy a CC? YOU CANNOT SAFELY USE ANY ABILITIES! Normal physics will apply, and Kraken sinks like a stone while CCed. Really fast. Like less than 2 seconds of air time.

A grounded Kraken is a dead Kraken. So, you need to spend all of your time constantly fighting CC by spamming traversal… Which doesn’t regenerate fast enough to keep you airborne without the midair freeze from abilities… So the Kraken will be forced to fight the Hunters on the ground. And that also means no escape!

Remember - Kraken is the ONLY monster who’s traversals are affected by CC. Goliath’s leaps, Wraith’s warps, and Behemoth’s roll are totally unaffected by CC. In fact, the INTENDED COUNTER TO CC IS SUPPOSED TO BE TRAVERSAL. But we’re taking that away from Kraken.

This already sounds like a terrible plan.


Sweet. Any time frame on console update?


thats how it was before


Ah, so it’s supposed to be a joke monster. Like Dan in Street Fighter Alpha. Well, that sucks. Guess Behemoth is the only viable monster left.

Jesus Christ.


I agree, it would be impossible to play Kraken against him otherwise. You’d be grounded all the time.


kraken was the best before

and it will still be the best.


I remember - abilities were worthless in the air. Their charge time is longer than it takes to touch the ground, so by the time the ability went off… You lost your LOS. Miss.

Boy, I can’t wait to utterly curbstomp Kraken even harder now.


While I don’t necessarily agree about Goliath being ‘trash tier’, you’re totally right about kraken. I’m very afraid that after the ‘fix’ kraken will basically be forced to the ground immediately upon encountering hunters, where he’s basically just Goliath with a giant head and shittier abilities.


Because for weeks and weeks, Kraken is so broke that it has a 75% winrate and cannot be slowed by anything making trappers, mines, tranqs, grenades, slim and other chars effectively useless because of its infinite flight.