Why does Caira


have an orgasm every time time she jumps or hits the ground, even if it’s not from a high distance? Haha


She has too much positive attitude, that it sometimes spews forth.

Which is why I call her Bubblegum Rainbow Sprinkles.


Just l hear her going on about the adrenaline rush god i fucking love her

Good Hunt Vulpaex


I didn’t want to say anything but…glad I’m not the only one who noticed this, lol.


Unlocked her the other day but haven’t tried her. Hoping she’ll be my favourite medic as she’s very funny! I hope sound effects aren’t too annoying though if she makes the noise every time you land.


Oh well she is young compared to the others…You know…Instead of being out there partying and doing stuff she’s stuck at hunting monsters.


I feel like they Nerfed the healing grenades for use on yourself and teammates.


Love me some Caira


healing grenades heal for garbage when used on herself. they seem adequate when used on allies though.
not a big fan of Medics barely being able to heal themselves, that small heal burst does nothing when getting smacked by a monster.

Love Caira though, that speed boost :slight_smile:


Healing Grenades are shit for yourselft but very good for other, but i think thats ok considering that val and laz don’t even have this sort of self healing.

Also Ciara is awesome and the elite skin looks nice


I think the heal burst would be best if I just gave you full health and help heal the others


It’s funny because she’s a damn medic, you’d think she’d be able to heal herself just as much as others, same with Laz and Val.

But I know it’s to make it a challenge, I’m not complaining. Just saying haha.

Caira is definitely my favorite medic, can’t wait to unlock her elite skin.


Yeah i see were you are coming from but if it would give us full hp medic would be a little op considering that a monsters love medics.

Elite Skin looks nice got mine yesterday (hurray)



could u post a screenshot with the elite skin? iam still not sure if i prefer val or caira :confused:


sure i will upload one later today just gotta find out how to get it from my ps4 to my pc :smiley: never done that bevor



just take a pic with ure phone :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you ever tried to stitch a cut or set a broken bone while running? It’s hard okay! Now imagine setting your own broken leg while trying to keep up with the rest of the team… sigh… caira is a saint for the work she does. :medic:


I know, right? In Team Fortress 2, Medic holds the Ubergun all the time and he can heal himself only for 10 health, slightly breathing in his med ray. These medics are dumb!


I guess every didn’t read where I said “I’m not complaining”

I love all the medics in this game and I don’t have a problem with any of them.


So i don’t know if you still wanna see them but i got 2 pictures for you:

and ingame: