Why does behemoth's roll break griffin tether?


None of the other monsters break the tether with their mobility. Griffin is basically useless again behemoth.


His roll does damage as far as I’m aware.


The tether does slow the roll, but it won’t stop it because the big B is too big and powerful.

It takes too long for B to get in and out of the ball for Griffin to do a full stop on him. When he could stop the roll, he could completely shut down Behemoth’s escape. The other monsters are quick enough to escape Griffin, but B needed additional help.


Well Behemoth is the biggest of the Monsters. A friend of mine and I tried testing the harpoon on B. I was B and he was Grif. When he shot me in the front I turned around and it broke. Vice versa for the back. When shot during a roll, it attaches to one point of the Behemoth as it rolls and rotates with it.
You know how the harpoon breaks if an obstruction like a rock gets in between it and the Monster. The Behemoth’s body can cause the same obstruction.


To add onto what macman said previously a bit-

Griffins harpoons dont actually fully stop a monsters movement. They actually bring it down to like (i forget so im bsing here for demonstrative purposes) 1 mps. The harpoons actually have a stretch limit, and will break if stretched too far. All monsters have always been capable of doing this- If griffin stood still, and the monster traversed/ran away from griffin- the cable would eventually snap once that distance was met.

The value the cable effects behemoths roll was notably reduced compared to the other monsters- So he does actually stand a chance at stretching and snapping the cables- Which is what you USUALLY find happens (always in my experiences, but sometimes wonky things happen)


I guess I just kinda hate behemoth. With the other monsters you have at least a chance at catching them; but if behemoth (a name that carries connotation of being large, tough and slow) so much as catches sight of you he just f*kin’ rolls right on out there.


Behemoth can be quick but he also has a lot of down time. Proper cuts by the team go a long way to catching him. It’s rough until you knows e maps and understand who ships be cutting where / why.


He used to be stopped by griffin, but it was completely unfair, unfun, and game breaking for any behemoth ever.


Was I just doing it wrong? I thought you had to stay in more or less the same place when you were harpooned or the monster would get all the ground you advanced (you know, like a normal harpoon.) Should I have been moving forward while the behemoth was harpooned to keep him within range, or would make the harpoon ineffective (you know, like a normal harpoon)?


I guess it’s kinda “like a normal harpoon” to walk foward when trying to hold such a giant mass. Ya know, so you actually relieve some of the tension for it not to break while still limiting movement


Yeah lol if it was like a normal harpoon Griffin would just be dragged along behind the monster like an idiot.


Running with the behemoth while youre harpooned will indeed help keep him tethered longer. Hell still be able to get away and snap the cable- But youll extend how long youve slowed him down for.