Why does Behemoth have to suffer this delay for his roll while in combat


Why, why does it have to be unresponsive in combat it s frickin horrible i lose games because TRS doesn t want me to escape after i hit a damn hunter, why why does it have to be like this Goliath can jump Kraken can fly Wraith can dash away and so can Gorgon, so why does Behemoth have to suffer from this stupid delay when in battle goddamnit i hate it i hate it so much it makes me feel like i m lagging or that the game is unresponsive for NO REASON


Why is your profile picture a Behemoth?


i dunno because i like him ?


We have a rant thread if you’re just going to complain without any arguments for your point or constructive criticism/suggestions.



Maybe, I don’t know…why do I have a Heavy’s face too?


This is meant to happen. He rolls, so he builds up momentum, full speed as soon as you press that button is a bit much, he has probably got the fastest traversal when he’s full speed


It’s there to prevent roll spam.


i m not talking about speed i m talking starting to roll


Like @Chromatic_Blue said, it’s to stop roll spam.

It’s also there because he has a single, constant, traversal where he can go until his traversal runs out. Gorgon, Wraith, Kraken, etc, all have “burst” traversals while Behemoth has the longest traversal. When you do get away from the hunters, they will have a hard time catching you, depending on how well you can escape and lose the hunters.


go on paper, bad in practice, compared to the other monsters Behemoth is at the mercy of the terrain, if the terrain has bumps, wild life in the way, trees, anything in metal, pillars good luck running away, the others monsters can at least escape that problem by 80% thanks to them flying through the air


Stop trying to melee when you want to traversal with him. Hold off pushing the button and wait for about half a second before using your traversal button. All monsters suffer this issue, not just Bob.

Also, breaking line of sight is also important, use the terrain and don’t be afraid to stop rollin’ to make a sharp turn to roll away again. Not the most efficient way to use your traversal but it saves you some hassle.


i find breaking line of sight absolutely useless when there is a daisy, since you can t just slip away because of this frickin dog


I never said you needed to sneak. Breaking line of sight gives you the ability to feed. Feeding means you regain armor. Especially if you’re running feeding speed over Movement Speed or Damage Increase.

Edit: At stage 1 & 2, Ignore Rock Wall completely. Max out Fissure and place a second point into Lava Bomb at Stage 2. Fissure goes over walls and obstacles such as elevation. LB should only be used on the unsuspecting or a hunter that you’ve tongue grabbed. If the hunters are on your heels, wait to evolve and let them dome you in a favorable location and just gun for the trapper as much as you can and be sure to disengage if your armor goes poof.


You’re trying to buff behemoth?
I hate you as a monster
You monster
I just think he’s too over powered already like he can win defend and most of the times arena if it’s a half good player
Most people I meet on this game think that he requires almost no skill to play except in hunt
But he really doesn’t need a buff or an adjustment of any kind in my opinion
I can deal with the new adjustments made to him now
And if you’re having trouble with daisy just get her down first


agreed bobby is good they way he is. I like the new adjustments to lava bomb.


one could almost call it a design flaw, but hopefully TU9 establishing Behemoth as an immobile raid boss will make it easier on him. Using traversals as a monster is essential to playing monster, but because behemoths roll does damage and also has knockback, the possibilities for roll spamming or similar cheese are pretty prevalent. I am really frustrated when i slam a hunter and my inability to traverse right after get’s me and extra bar or more health lost. Then the answer might be to play around that weakness. Plan right and go all in maybe. I don’t know, i’m as frustrated as you are, but I understand it’s not fun for the hunters if you can stun lock em with roll spam.


personnally i don t think roll spam will be a thing anymore, or should i say stun lock because whenever i play as Behemoth i always feel like the hunters are too far away after i roll to them because they can jetpack boost somewhere


all you had to do was get em in a corner and they weren’t ever getting away. Now it’s harder, but still possible I think.


i believe harder is enough, i mean common the hunters can slow you, stop you and even blind you, the monster have a right for unfair mechanics, and i do say unfair because now gorgon lost her jetpack slow, so pretty much the hunters have all the cc other than being thrown away by a slam or something


This is practically the definition of a rant thread.

First you complain about rolling in combat being unresponsive, then it’s suddenly about Daisy sniffing you while sneaking and now it’s about buffing Bob in general. Yeah…