Why does abandoning a game in progress not count as a loss?


Anyone with any semblance of common sense can see that turtle rock are encouraging toxic behavior by not counting a ragequit as a loss. It happened in beta too. What gives? Obviously this won’t be the case in ranked, but in response to that I’ll make two points: (1) there is currently no ranked (2) it’s absolutely ridiculous to have a leaderboard which tracks win loss ratio but which allows players to circumvent losses by closing their game.

It’s pretty obvious to me that the game was released without some very basic features and basic kinks worked out.


It’s a bug, although a pretty obvious one. It’ll be fixed in the first patch


Because half the time you get subbed in for your 5th preference in the middle of a fight. Not fair to penalize someone for messed up matchmaking.


That doesn’t explain why people can play an entire game and quit at the last second to prevent a L from counting


No it doesn’t. It’ll prolly be fixed in the first major gameplay update.


You have to click a button to take over the bot. If you just exit out before taking over anything, you were never even in the match to begin with. Technically, you were spectating.


Hopefully they fix it and then do a reset or keep it as is but add a separate ranked leaderboard and keep this one as an unranked one.

Either way, if they want this game to go tournament competitive then they really need to up the standard of their leaderboard and put some serious effort into it. Mortal Kombat or Injustice are good examples of the kind of stats you should be having.


Even if you don’t click the button, if you don’t exit it will put you in the bot eventually - at least for monster. That just happened. I joined a game I had just LC’d from and instead of who I was I was spectating Goliath. I waited a few seconds to see if it was gonna make me play or change me back, and then without taking over the bot manually it put me in control.


I’d like to see a lot more stats kept and the ability to sort the Leaderboard by stats (that seems pretty basic tbh).


Why not just suck it up and finish the round?


What I also noticed, is that most of the time, this game in progress joins have a half dead monster waiting to be taken control of.


I don’t care about the leaderboards, but on principle I’m not gonna take an L because I got put in control of a monster I was just in the middle of killing. And you can’t grind Hyde as Goliath.


An application can’t really tell the difference between a crash and an alt+f4. I’m pretty happy the game isn’t punishing me for crashing repeatedly.

(Yes, I replaced my case fan when I realized my CPU/GPU temps were 75/100.)