Why do you play your class


I was roaming the forums and I saw a thread about why play monsters and I was curious about why play hunters and more importantly the class you chose to main with just curious



It just depends on my mood. But I started playing medic a lot more because I felt like most randoms don’t do a good job at it. That’s my reasoning.

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I play Trapper because as a monster main, I know all the best routes, hidey holes, and other odds and ends a Monster can hide in, so I’m devastatingly good at finding them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve mainly played Support/Medic because I love playing the backbone of the team role, being the HVT. :stuck_out_tongue: But with Crow I started playing a lot more Trapper because I enjoy leading the charge and calling the shots too.



I can get behind that reasoning wanting to feel like the most important player makes sense

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I play medic because I like to heal
I play trapper because I like to trap
I play support because I like to support
I play assault because I like to deal damage
I play monster because it feels good to wreck



Assault and Monster, I love being the aggressor and damage dealer.



why do you like to heal
why do you like to trap
why do you like to support
why do you like to damage
every one enjoys wrecking except when they are driving

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Assault because in every game I like to be the big brute who just hits/explodes shit

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I feel like I can any class in game very well, but I am Trapper main for my team. To me, Trapper class has to know different food routes, hiding spots for monsters to Evolve and hide at. Using the cc at the right time and knowing when to damage the monster. This class takes more knowledge of the game than anything in my opinion.

Plus…main point…more domes = better chance of winning. My goal each game is to get 3-4 domes per game. You need a team to help you find the monster and always to get to a great cutoff for domes.

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GT: ArcticStorm321
im a youtuber :smiley:
I play trapper, abe is my main.
Trapper fits my personality the best, i like the feeling of taming the monster, having it under your control, deciding where it dies and when. trappers are also in a way, a both assaults and supports. they can bring the damage and deny monster focus.
The reason why I choose Abe is because he has the most accurate tracking of all the trappers, area of denial with stasis, and tons of close range damage with the shotgun. Abe relies on no one, after that first dart, gameover. :smiley:

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yeah I play abe too what system are you on



XBone is the system i play, you?



playstation u don’t meet many good abe’s im always curious to hear what anybody has to say about him tips opinions and all



here you go :smiley:
some abe gameplay to see how I play him
I played the number 4 global ranked goliath in the world in this match




I main Trapper because I seriously get the most enjoyment out of Griffin pooning a monster and dropping a dome in its face.

Plus, similar to @Fortifier, I don’t run into a lot of good Trappers when running pubs and it’s hard to fight a monster if all he does is run and never gets domed.

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Nice Abe. I’ve played him quite a few times and he gets so salty every time my team beats him. The trick? He only runs in circles around the outside of the map :wink: check it out if you play him again, it’s like a Trapper’s wet dream LOL

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When I play Hunter I prefer Trapper or Medic. Trapper because I’m a Monster player and I know the maps really well and all the cut-off points, and Medic because I’ve learned positioning and dodging and I see a lot of Medics that do these things wrong.

It’s a lot of fun to play with a Trapper or a Medic that are really good, but most I come across are mediocre so I just take one of the roles myself. Otherwise, I’m just happy to play!



Trapper has the most thought involved in it. You need to be able to understand human behavior and put yourself in the monsters shoes. Not only this, but different monsters react differently. Is this monster player panicky? Aggressive? Flee till 3? If you were them, where would you go? Did you hear that soft footstep?Did you hear that tree crack? Why did he suddenly stop running? Is he juking or ambushing?

It’s a cat and mouse game of psychology. That and slowing them is fun!