Why do you play Cabot vs Hank or Bucket?


I’m curious because Cabot is by far the most popular. But Hank is a gamechanger with his orbital and shield. AndBucket will grind the monster down in a flash.

I play Hank more than Bucket for only 1 reason. The UAV drives like crap on Bucket.


It mainly depends on the team and tactics you’re using.

A hank player can work really well in tandem with Val (The beam team) to basically prevent any teammate being downed
And with laz he’s able to provide sustainability the team lacks otherwise, particularly useful for keeping the trapper(and dome) up

Cabot can damage amplifier is best used with burst team/tactics, and if you can’t get those buckets more constant damage can be better.

Bucket and cabot both have tracking abilities that hank doesn’t, these can work well with Griffin/abe against sneaking monsters.

Hank and bucket both area denial abilities with their orbital and turrets, which is useful in stopping body camping, particularly for laz


This. It’s all personal preference, and:

Cabot is Tier 3. Thus, people automatically assume he is “better” than the other two, which is false. Tiers are arranged in terms of difficulty- T1 is easier than T3, but no less effective.

But a lot of people don’t get that.

So they pick Cabot because he has a larger number and he’s flashier and for kicks and giggles.


Cabot is the boss both literally and figuratively. His is my favorite kit in the entire game. He supports both trappers and assault with his kit. Hank on my bias opinion is overrated. :wink:

Now I need to dodge the badly aimed orbital strikes that Hank fans just aimed at me. :wink:


Cabot is just so much more fun, plus he can do a magic trick with the monsters health.


Hank is actually pretty darn useful against wraith believe it or not. Once you find the wraith and fight him you can use your Orbital bombardment when she uses her supernova as it not only does massive damage to her while she stays in her dust cloud, it knocks back other hunters from her range. Plus that shield means life or death (especially for the medic)


Cabots voice actor did an amazing job.


Theo only reason I do is because I love the Rail Cannon so much. Nothing else.