Why do YOU like Evolve?


One of my favorite things about the forums here is it seems to be (mostly) a bastion from the generalizing mainstream gaming audience about the quality of this game. Practically all the news outlets I peruse are filled with people that are extremely dismissive and pessimistic about the game. They tout things at times that do seem to have some validity, such as lack of game modes, variety, and content.

But yet, here we all are, playing it. I wanted to know what it is about the game you guys specifically like, what keeps you playing, what keeps you invested.


Honestly, I was drawn in by being able to play monster. The size of the monster compared to the hunters is also what pulled me in.

Most of the rather toxic members (I would like to think) left the forum a while ago, with only those who really care about the game remaining.


I’m honestly glad when I go to a gaming site and don’t see an article about the new hunters. I get pretty defensive of this game when it comes to people who are ignorant about it.

Anyways, I just love it. Probably my favorite MP game in 25 years of gaming.


Well I started playing because it was fun. Simple as that. It looked like fun, I followed it carefully till Alpha, played it, and fell in love. So naturally I kept playing. Truth be told I’d have quit a while back if I hadn’t made good friends here- playing this game in a party, with good buddies, is an incredible experience.

tl;dr- It’s a good game.


Yeah, playing Evolve is a weird experience for me. I’ve been a solo gamer for the majority of my years, only really playing couch co-op games with my good friends. For some reason, I’ve been more and more into multiplayer games since Evolve came out. I play Destiny and Evolve most of the time now, which is weird, because I don’t really have any consistent friends in either game. So, I’m not really sure how it is I stick around. Probably just because I don’t play them that often. I do think it’s a good game, though.

@Jeff_Delman I feel you there. There’s an article on Game Informer about it now, and that’s why I decided to create this topic now. I wonder if they posted it because I submitted the tip, aha. Anyways, as I expected, people were griping, and gave the article 2/5 stars. I commented back to some people. Likely I’ll be branded a fanboy, or whatever.


Because I like playing as the monsters Lol


Good enough for me, haha. That was what hooked me, too. Knowing it was by the guys that made L4D and because it seemed like such an interesting multiplayer concept.


I love the game, I love the company, I love the community. Sure it’s got its issues but what game doesn’t on top of that Left 4 Dead was the game that got me into gaming and kept me happy while I was going through Chemotherapy so yeah.


Wow. Thanks for sharing that, that’s amazing :).

I, too, have much love for the company, which was one of my primary reasons for buying it. L4D led to a lot of friend bonding, as well. Alongside the Elder Scrolls series, L4D probably has the most of my life poured into it, haha.


What got me interested in this game was the original and fantastic idea of four hunters, each with unique abilities and personalities vs a terrifying monster and that just looked like a lot of fun!

But what got me REALLY excited was seeing Bucket for the first time, I really went nuts when I saw him for the first time. Like, my first goal in the game was to unlock Bucket and get him the Elite skin! :heart: :bucket_cute: :heart:

But in general, I love the gameplay, I love playing with other people, I love TRS, I love Bucket and I love this community! :smile:


Community, friends, and customs.
Gameplay is great, but friends are awesome in the game.


I need some more of those in the game. Haha.

@Sentry_Gun Needs to be one of them, now that they’ve added me!

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Pretty much this entire post. Love the game but was about to quit until I met my current group. It invigorated me to play for much longer than I would have.

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I will! As soon as I get home, maybe Sunday, I’ll invite you and we’ll play! :smile:

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I originally wanted the game becuase I was reading about it on game informer and I thought “this game sounds like the best thing ever!” Back when I was thinking of massive speaking maps and tons of monster diversity, I had to high expectations but I still love the game, I had began to play less and less until j got on the forum and it really rekindled my love for the game! So I’d like to thank you all for that


I love the co-op aspect of it, and the fact that everyone need to play their role well for the team to succeed (hunter main here, as you might guess :hank_cute:)


I was looking for a good new MP experience after it got bored with Battlefield and CoD and the games even got worse year after year.

I remember the 1st time I heard about Evolve the game did not interest me at all. A few month after I saw some more of Game and it made click from that moment on I was hyped for Evolve and playing it since Alpha.

Evolve offers a unique game experience it’s so different from all other MPs I played and I truly love the art design and character building.


I’ve always liked cooperative games. Being a team player is something I really enjoy. It also helped that I ended up being really good at the game. It made it much more enjoyable for me.

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The fight.

Have never viewed EVOLVE as a shooter but as a fighting game. The challenge of taking on 4 human players as the monster is thrilling every match, every time. As a hunter, its about learning and understanding your character,class and role in the team and then to be able to work together to bring down the monster. 4 v 1 is addictive gaming!

I love feeling the power of being the monster, especially as Geoff and Rock Lesnar (Goliath and Behemoth). You feel the evolution as each stage as you become stronger and I like that sensation.

As a hunter, the satisfaction of doing your job right whichever class you play as shows what a great job TRS have done to make each hunter feel unique in their play style. No match is the same. Uncle Hyde…family!

But it is the awesome community here on the forums, watching and supporting the streams that give this game a future. It is so rare to have a developer team like TRS have such interaction with the community they made with their game. From Phil Robb to Chloe,Jess and Shaners working hard each and every day to engage with us the community is something to be celebrated and appreciate.

The support of 2K as well to embrace the game and its community is equally amazing with weekly streams and community tournaments, streams is crucial to how this community exists outside game and forums. The many charity streams as well showcasing how TRS and 2K are all about positive gaming.

EVOLVE is a game where you either ‘get it or you don’t’ . when it all clicks together you have a game deep in strategy and combat awareness with many social aspects woven into its DNA that is rewarding on every level.

It’s also a game that let’s you release your inner monster and go nom nom nom on ‘the puny hunters’.

Why do I play EVOLVE you ask?

I play because it defines everything I love about gaming :slight_smile:

  1. Evolve is exactly what I expect in a co-op game experience (classes, role, 4v1, strategy, combo, difficulty, moba mecanics…)
  2. Predators’s hunt on Pandora planet into the Jurassic Park… and you get Evolve !
  3. Best co-op game since Left 4 Dead