Why do you get a waiting penalty when you leave during character selection?


I really don’t get that and I just realized it a few seconds ago. I joined a game, it was completely hopeless. Got Val (lolVal) with two strikes, everyone except a really bad Bucket dude had strikes and we lost. Oh well, I may as well take another loss and death, the leaderboards are glitched like crazy anyways. So I waited, hoping to play monster and again, didn’t get it. Well shit, waited for nothing. So now I get a penalty for leaving a lobby where I a.) don’t get the role I want and b.) have to play with two bots and a Level 1 player against a Level 40 Elite Goliath? Uhm… I assume it will also add a lose like it does when you quit in game. Great idea, really. I’m sorry but some of the decisions in this game are really beyond stupid. :confused:


You won’t get a loss joining midgame, you will get a death.

At the character select screen you are part of a game, hence the timer. You’ll need to leave during the post-game screen to avoid that.


The way it works in my experience is that if you leave during the character selection screen than if somebody fills your slot, they cannot pick the character. I have had friends get dropped and when they re-joined the games doesn’t let them go back to that screen, they have to deal with whatever gets selected for them. It encourages you to stick it out and give the role a shot or have the one minute timer, which I honestly don’t think is too much trouble, I usually go take a piss or grab a drink.


because this game should be a chore and most of all, not fun


I agree with OP on how this is not optimal. One should be allowed to leave a game prior to it starting and not receive a penalty. Period. No debate, no discussion. I actually am surprised it doesn’t work this way now.