Why do we have to do challenges with underplayed characters?


Earning skins won’t make them more desireble, buff them instead.


They might be trying to gather data to check why theyre so underplayed


I think bucket is the only one that is underplayed or underpowered. I mean Goliath is anything but. And griffin is, in my opinion the best trapper.


At a guess, it could be an attempt by TRS to allow people who like these characters to play them for a while without getting bitched at (as much) in the lobbies.

More data is never a bad thing either, though.


Griffin challenge was pre-buff, he was the worst trapper. Goliath is mediocre compared to the other monsters. Don’t think they wanted a Behemoth challenge yet.


You don’t have to. Problem solved.


Macman actually addressed this here before. He says that’s not the reason.


Like Quirkly said I think it’s for more telemetry data across different levels


This. This is exactly what I would do if I were trying to perform analytics and determine strengths and weaknesses of a character you need more data on. Maybe they’re balanced, maybe they’re underpowered. You’re not sure yet…

That said, I’d also try something like this if you felt like the character was balanced and you wanted to encourage people to play it more to develop that character’s metagame and realize it’s actually pretty balanced.

Or it’s just a coincidence. :stuck_out_tongue:




I would say that wraith is least powerful monster currently, and Kraken the strongest. And if Griffin was buffed after his challenge, then doesn’t it makes sense that bucket might be buffed? I also disagree with you, Griffin was always best trapper.


Quirkly brings up a REALLY good point. Also…

  1. It would suspect to entice players to try something new, breaking the monotony of playing (and playing against) the same characters all the time (Hello Caira, Sunny, Torvald & Crow. Pleased to meet you again).
  2. By changing it up, maybe some peoples preconceptions of him will break when they try out the recent changes.

Regularity and lack of diversity is the killer of many games. It gets “boring”, and these events are intended to bring a sense of achievement when you earn your carrot, draw out people to earn the “new thing”, and of course increase gameplay diversity.



I actually asked Macman this question, still awaiting a response.


I actually laughed. My wife is giving me a strange look…


Because they probably want people to try them out and realize they aren’t so bad. People didn’t really like Griffin but now everyone seems to love him.


Well it could be for any reason that TRS sees fit. Or to just make people think bucket isn’t such a bad support. (The rest of the post is just an idea) But if we look at all the previous challenges they could be testing and looking at different aspects of the game. With all the challenges that have came out they seem to have been around a point in time for a change in the game. The gold skin was a thank you for buying the game and could of been for a way to check the population close to release. The griffin challenge could of been for checking sound spikes data pre buff. The goliath challenge was after the fix to the rock throw hitting twice, impact and shrapnel causing a double damage rock. With this new one they could be looking at the data to possibly buff the range or damage of the sentries to make bucket an even better support.


Bring Bucket the honor he deserves! He is quite enjoyable if you play 'em right. I’m looking forward to this weekend.


That’s how I see it.


We haven’t. In fact not a single one has been. The first was just playing. The second was winning with Griffin, who isn’t underplayed. The third was Rock Throw Goliath, which is not underplayed. A couple people have asked this question and I have no idea wtf they’re talking about. If they want telemetry on Bucket or something, then it’s probably to make him better.