Why do we get disconnected from our game if Steamcommunity goes down?

As the title says.

Other games don’t do this at all (dota 2, team fortress 2, left 4 dead 1 & 2,…).
Only Evolve so far…
There should definitely be a work-around to this problem, seeing as the other games I just listed have no problem with this

I can understand you can’t search for or join games while steamcommunity is down, but disconnecting us back to main menu is just really silly (especially since Steam likes to have a few down-times each week)

Id have put this in the Feedback category, not a bug. Still a good point, definitely annoying getting dced because of steams AMAZING servers

I have no problem with Steam itself, I even like Steam. And its servers go down for maintenance from time to time and I can understand that.
But getting pulled out of your already-ongoing game because of it, is something I don’t understand

Lol i dont know a ton about this kind of stuff (i just play the games, i dont really learn) but maybe everything is done through steam servers so they literally have to pull you out when servers go down. But like i said, i could be absolutely wrong