Why do some goliath skins glow more than others?


The tiger skin is extremely bright compared to the bog skin. I get that it looks cool and all, but it really limits your hiding even in shadows when you stick out like that. With the bog skin I can sneak much more easily.


Its just a skin thing ^.^
For example, the Carnivore skin glow is a lot less noticeable than the Elite, due to the darker skin coloration of the Carnivore.
Sort of a “I don’t care if you see me” deal, dark skins are better for stealth, Bright ones…less so


It’s probably just your perception based on the contrast of the colors. Or maybe the darker colors make it seem like it glowing less.


Trust me I’ve been staring at the Goliath’s behind for enough games to know when it shines more lol


Wow pervert lol jk I do think the elite skins make the glow more obvious.


Armor % is the biggest factor, not skin.


@Shin calling him for that one science GIF


I once spotted a sneaking albino Goliath from across the swamp on fusion plant. Poor guy didn’t know that an albino Goliath’s stomach is as bright as a signal flare when you got full armor.
I’m serious, it was basically like this:

The albino skin is my favorite, but everyone have it and I got a serious chase of special snowflake syndrome, so I’m currently rolling with the Wendigo, Magma and Tiger skin depending on my mood. :smile:


Not everyone.


Lighter skins allow for more glow to show through, darker ones appear to glow less.


I rarely saw the Elite Goliath skin (or Elite Goliaths in general) and always thought I’d use it when I finally got it. Well, just before I got my elite I played trapper against an Elite Goliath for a couple turns and I couldn’t believe I could spot him just about anywhere. Hell, he’d have a better chance with the gold skin at this point! Ugh.


Yeah, that’s the reason I love those skins. I don’t really care about stealth and cunning, which is probably why hunters like Sunny don’t affect me at all. If the trapper is on my bum, I just murder him.
I have always prefered to fight like a Bezerker rather than a more defencive Warrior.
If the team don’t have Caira I won’t mind fighting at stage 1.
Point is: I’d love an even brighter skin than Albino/Gold. A skin that just yell “Bro, come at me!”. Magma and tiger skins are therefore my favorite ones.