Why do so many teams use Val, Hank and WL Maggie?


Discuss. This is by far one of the most used Hunter combos…why is that? Is it op or just balanced, but very powerful in the right hands? What can Turtle Rock do to encourage more different types of Hunter combos to be used? It would also appear going by the vast use of WL Maggie over regular Maggie, she is being deemed flatout better than Vanilla Maggie. I would not see so many premades using WL Maggie over vanilla if this was not the case.


op ruins wraith goliath and gorgon


Don’t forget about Parnell. He’s another I always see with that comp.

I DO think that Wmaggie IS flat out better than OG Maggie in every way, borderline op IMHO.
As for the other characters, they’re not OP, just the most reliable and that’s why you see them so often in competetive ranked matches.
On a side note - I’m happy Val’s tranqs don’t negate movement speed anymore and it’s a viable perk, I still think she’s prob the best medic. Sunny is nowhere close to where she used to be and I think good monsters know how to counter her pretty easily and good hunters know this so she isn’t automatically picked anymore.


Val and Hank are arguably the best of their class and WL Maggie has Daisy, CC, and a lotta damage.


Yeah you’ll see a lot of Hyde though too the Assault seems like a tossup and it’s the other 3 that really make the combo.
Is it possible then when they’re all 3 combined like that are they too good?


Maybe, I personally don’t think so. The characters themselves are balanced (except maybe Wmaggie I hate that no-skill required b#%€h, I really dislike her so maybe I’m biased), it’s just a really good comp who work very well together. There’s teams out there who may make it seem op because they’re really good. I’ve beaten it, other monsters have beaten it, not OP IMO.


I think WL Maggie’s harpoon really strengthens the Val/Hank duo though…that’s my analysis after tons of different matches. With such a strong snare it makes it hard to focus one or the other down before they are healed or shielded until they are healed up. I agree she takes no skill but she must be better too or you wouldn’t see so many good teams using her.