Why do people think that anime with subtitles is by default better?


I’ve never had a problem reading it.it’s the voices they are distracting that and I don’t like missing out on some of the animation so watching dub is easier on me. Some dub voices fit the characters better in my opinion. Although some voices for the dub can be flat out annoying. The same goes with sub I find some sub voices to be good and others annoying. When it comes to characters and their voices some fit and others don’t for both versions. I’ll use Sebastian from black butler as a example on how I feel on dubs and subs the English version of Sebastian suits the character a bit more than the Japanese one for me atleast. With boruto I like the subbed version. Sub may have more effort in it somehow but dub can be good as well. And that’s what confuses me no one gives it a chance it’s just written off as dare I say shit. I personally think dub is better simply because I like art I enjoy the character designs so if it’s in my native language I can pay attention to the art analyzing the story is another thing. My biggest question is how bad are the dub voices? That’s what I was trying to ask in the original post but I worded it weirdly and it sounded like a mess of jumbled questions. I do mostly watch dubbed so the voices I hear for Ed for example are the ideal voice for me. So it’s really just an opinion to me which one is better. I personally find sub Ed to be annoying while others may think that dub Ed is annoying.


In my case it was my Dad, so similar deal. I’m just very comfortable with subtitles.


It depends on the anime. More often than not though, it’s because the subbed version releases first, so people get used to those voices. If you’re just getting in to shows that aren’t new (Tokyo ghoul, assassination classroom, Dragon ball, Naruto) you can listen to both and choose which one you like better.


The woman who voice Naruto is a kick ass choice though.

I do like both though… I will often watch both versions. the Subbed first to get really into the story then the DUB later on to enjoy but not really pay close attention too.


It depends for me. Usually I find Japanese voice actors more fitting for anime, but then some cases happen, like Japanese Goku, where I just want to tear my ears off. Or sometimes a certain voice actor sounds like he’s trying too hard and comes off as awkward, which is a more common instance, I’ve noticed. In which case I vastly prefer any other dub.


… because they are.

/end elitist views


The English language just sounds like smoof, remember? You can’t compare English to Japanese. That’s like comparing a comic strip to fine poetry.

That said though, I’m lazy, so I usually choose the English Dub.


Hey! Like I said earlier in the thread, Disney started doing dubs and it was the beginning of a pretty decent era.

Batman Ninja ENGLISH brought that to an end.


Bad dubs are very rare now,but there are the dubs like the batman ninja that are terrible but most dubs now are pretty good.


attack on titan… but don’t tell my daughter I said that… AoT I prefer in English… it is such a wonderful piece of work that I want to be able to absorb it all at once.

Fun thing about subs… Ever watch a show so much (like Naruto for ex.) where you learn to understand the dialect and soon you start hearing the words in English… I’ve caught myself a couple times now most recently with all the dragon ball super binging I did.

(you just automatically translate it because of the subs, so the subs are a big part of it)