Why do people think that anime with subtitles is by default better?


When it comes to anime why does 90% of people think the sub is better by default? I’ve never understood that logic. Everyone says sub is better because it has the original script. I find that funny because if someone wants the original script then there’s always the manga for most anime. There are many great dubs I can list a few if someone would like me to. I just don’t get it,how can something that one does not understand the language of have more “passion” than their own language? I could just be a noob on anime though.


I don’t know about the native case,but for someone that doesn’t have English as their 1st language i can assure you that reading english sub is easier than hearing english dub


Every anime I watched, the japanese voice actors were higher quality. I don’t know if they just went cheaper on the english actors or what, but all the english line delivery was almost cringe level.

EDIT: One exception is several of the myazaki(or however it’s spelled)films, which have very solid english voice actors.


Because of switches like this…


I’m very picky with the anime I watch most of the English voice actors I’ve heard do a very good job in my opinion. The Hetalia dub has some great voice actors for the characters too bad the episodes are only five mins long.


That is a loaded question…

There are so many answers as well. The main reason they like subtitles more is that it is more accurate to the stories roots. Where English dubs (before Disney did great jobs) are concerned though the story can be compleltey off.

Take BATMAN NINJA just released…
The ENGLISH version is 90% different in story compared to its ANIME counterpart. The show was designed with the Japanese Audience and Culture in mind.
The BATMAN NINA movie is by far the best example in a long time.

(90% different story was from the Anime Director/Producer quote)


understandable,the dub for bat man ninja gave me the creeps. Mostly because I’m used to the English voice actor for robin voicing emo characters so that gave me the creeps hearing the actor’s voice in a happy tone. but even the subbed can be a bit different when compared to the manga. tokyo ghoul is a good example the anime changed a few things so it technically wasn’t very accurate to the story along with the dub. I think one of the biggest reasons the script gets tweaking is so it can match the lip flaps.


I personally think that some dub voices fit the characters a bit better as well.


I have a hearing impaired mom so growing up the TV always had subtitles on regardless if English or not. It really helped me learn to read really early as well.

So it never seemed like a bother to have to read to understand the show.

As a personal opinion I feel like the non English voice actors put more emotion into it. I also believe that this is caused partially by imagination from not understanding the language as well. (Kind of like reading a book and imagining something wonderous.
Then when you watch the movie and since you can see it, and know how it’s supposed to be, you can pick apart what’s wrong)


For me, its almost always because I simply dislike how the dub actors sound. Also because, largely, the “passion” thing is true. American voice actors don’t usually put as much into a character as some of the original voice actors do. It is very noticeable in things like shounen (though admittedly Dragon Ball has a pretty good dub)

There’s also the fact that dubs recycle the same exact actors for 90% of the shit that comes out, so you can just recognize the same voices doing different characters. I dislike that.

All things considered, it is absolutely up to personal preference. But, personally, I feel subs are just a better viewing experience than dubs.


I struggle keeping up with sub titles and I get head aches with sub. I haven’t heard much sub I have heard the Japanese voice of Edward Elric and others though. I do like borutos Japanese voice more than the english one since the english voice sounds very whiny to me. Although the first anime’s I saw was Hetalia and fmab which both have good dubs.


Pretty much this. Ever since I went sub, I’ve not gone back because the English VO is just terrible by comparison. There’s also the fact that many of the Anime I feel are great don’t get a dub.


I love dubs.

Dubs > subs for life. Reading the subs is distracting from the artwork of the anime.


Japanese > English - Cmon it’s no competition… English voices for a Japanese show just makes me cringe.


I think dubs are better for naruto I feel the English version of sasuke to sound better,it sounds like he is actually serious about revenge and stuff. I really just want to pay attention to the art though. Fun fact the english voice of sakura did a additional voice in evolve. We all have our opinions but one thing most people in the Hetallia fandom can agree on is that the dub is better than the sub. But in all seriousness it’s just preference


Aside from the fact that hearing original voice actors just ‘feels’ better, you also get to watch the latest episode faster.

It takes much longer for an anime to get dubbed than subbed. Plus, some anime stop dubbing midway which forces you to switch to the later episodes with subs anyway.

This happened to me while watching Bleach for example. Although their English cast was pretty great in that regard.


Ah, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Now I feel like watching it again.


Anime that are meant to be Japanese sound terrible with English dub. Now don’t get me wrong, there are good ones like Guilty Crown out there, but the original Japanese dub with English subtitles are always better IMO.


I’m pretty patient waiting for a dub.no problem for me if I can’t wait I’ll read the manga which contains the original dialogue as well. I don’t mind sub,but I dislike reading subtitles.


I’ve always been able to read really quickly. Never been an issue for me.