Why do people pick Lazarus


Seriously hes just a lose giver a monster can eat the dead body and lazarus cant bring him back


I’d say they’re lazy healers, Lazarus should only be picked in premades.


Maybe they enjoy playing him? Crazy, I know…


Cuz not all Lazarus are bad ^.-
I play a mean laz, only time the monster thoroughly stomped us was the time our noob assault got eaten by a tyrant -.-


As much as we try Lazarus never Lazarus devices he never heals us and aqll that badd stuff


@AlbinoGoliath for this reason lol check out the magic of laz

tournament gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwOsdAGGCSM


I’ll take a Laz over Val, because 80% of the Val’s I get stay on the sniper like they’re playing CoD


I think you just face/fight with bad Lazs


And every match im in is with Lazarus


Wow, you have bad luck then. Too bad you aren’t on PC, I’d show you how good he is ^.^


Lazarus is only viable 90% of the time againts unexperience monsters, I get happy everytime I see him on the hunter’s team (when I’m monster)


Laz is fun… On the outside, you bring people back from the dead… BAM, you’re healed!

The silenced sniper rifle assistance and cloaking device are nice tweaks too.

Things to know with Laz teams:
He needs lots of help…

  1. He will need cloak assist from the support when he gets targetted and his cloak is on CD
  2. You should bring the health regen perk, because he really won’t be healing you.
  3. Don’t bunch up. Try to drag the monster away from the fallen so he will not EAT them, and allow Laz to quietly sneak in and heal.

How to play Lazarus

Lazarus in pubs suck, a good monster will kill trapper whenever he wants and get to S3 with full health and armor. You need cloaks from Support if you wan’t to hide the trapper and Lazarus, something pubs don’t do.


Lazarus is good when you are good with him. I’m rank 19 Lazarus globally (#LeaderboardMeanSomething) and with a pre-made I like to think I still stand a chance against slightly-better-than-average monsters. Good monsters are still a nightmare.

If I had spent this time on a stronger medic, I would have had a higher winrate with much less of the effort. That’s a fact.


Lazarus is the worst. I was playing with a random party of three and they kept picking Lazarus and he was elite status with him. Let’s just say that he did kept using that healing burst a lot but it wasn’t enough to keep the team alive. We lost 2 matches in a row to a behemoth because Lazarus kept being targeted no matter what. Most people know how to counter him, because it really isn’t that hard when you keep focusing on his moves.


Behemoth gets a super-detect on stealth. His tongue grab targetting recticle will tell you if it’s going to grab someone invis.


Still, Lazarus couldn’t keep the team alive. I’m elite with him as well and even when I fight goliath, wraith, kraken, etc. The monster still knows where I’m at even with the cloak. It’s not hard finding Lazarus.

I don’t revive a teammate after he drops, I wait until the monster stops camping the body which is the safest option to take. The thing that monsters love doing when the dome drops is target Lazarus and even with the cloak, it isn’t enough to ensure survival.

He is fun to play with, don’t get me wrong but it isn’t fun when your teammates lose because their health can’t be filled.


Character masteries probably


Because he is the most annoying if he knows what he’s doing as a monster player.


He is fun but dumb first he’s easy to kill if looked at, you can’t dome the monster with laz because monster can kill trapper right away without healing and you can wear the team down since they can’t heal much once their all worn down from chasing you kill them all and if their down move away from body attack people then look at body while doing that and laz should try to revive it because your not near it then kill him