Why do people only run one comp in competitive


alright to start Caira I can kind of understand she’s not even slightly useful for anything but healing but hey she’s a medic
hank he makes sense to me team survivability
Maggie this is where my confusion starts Maggie does have perfect tracking meaning you’ll always go towards the monsters tracks but she’s well not so useful in combat meh damage competition with meh crowd control I mean if you’re the best trapper do you even need the dog
markov another one of my confusions he has mines yaybucket you have a tad bit of map control except you know good monsters never hit mines and if they do it doesn’t make up for his low damage output why don’t they run someone with higher damage like parnell or Hyde torvald he’s kind of iffy monsters will get insanely good at dodging but he’s insane damage


The biggest things that Maggie has going for her is that you don’t have to worry about finding a sneaky monster. I find this aspect a crutch personally. However, she more than makes up for it because of Daisy being a in combat res and 5th Hunter. You are effectively forcing the monster to deal with a non combat Hunter. This is not insignificant. Second, she has great self sustainability. This means she can dome a monster and survive for a little while before her team catches up.

Those are the big reasons for Maggie. I disagree with the idea that Maggie is the only viable Trapper tho.


daisy does add, hitpoints,autorez and good tracking
harpoon traps are really good, also maggie has a big magazine to interuppt feeding

markov has constant safe dmg, his lightning gun also renders krakens banshee mines void and he brings areadenial


The most commonly used one is the most forgiving to mistakes. Personally, I wonder how they all don’t just get totally bored of it.


Because even though game mechanics, character selection and skill make a difference, I’d wager 60-80% of the game is about reading your opponent and exploiting openings. It’s similar to Netrunner LCG and/or Poker. It’s more mental acuity against your opponent then anything else.


Why does every monster run the same comp? Cause people just use whatever was OP at the tims cough wraith pre patch cough kraken, ohh god sorry about that, people use whatever’s they see OP to help guarantee a win which ruins the game cause with pubs its "omg be this person everyone else sucks don’t be bucket cause im terribad with him yet bucket would turn you into mulch feed you to a behemoth then kill the behemoth* rant over


I like how every single one of your posts is false.


I see way more Griffin. And Markov, really? He seems like the worst assault right now.


Maggie guarentees that a monster will be found. She is the reason I started using movement speed over feeding speed because 99% of the trappers I see online are Maggies. She is also decent in battle. The machine pistol actually does solid damage up close she has the best survivability among all the trappers. Think back to all the times it was maggie last alive and you had to chase her down as she left a trail of harpoon traps behind her. (medlab power relay anyone?) She has an almost nonexistent skill requirement which is rewarded with perfect tracking. IMO she is overwhelmingly, hands down the best trapper.


Maggie is anti-sneaking and is the best trapper for early, mid and end game. Markov works best vs Kraken, Lightning Gun is always locked and it instant destroys banshee mines popping out of the Kraken.


Caira/Hank/Maggie is pretty much the best defensive comp, save Sunny variations. With the traps to screw you over, shields and Caira’s healing, and the Hunters’ ability to kite and mitigate or avoid a tonne of damage, nobody’s going down.

Add Torvald and surprise! Every time you try and focus someone you eat a mortar salvo and insane damage or let them escape again.


Defensive playstyle. High survivability.

Due to current Monster damage output, that’s what you’re playing for. You don’t need to put extra risk on your shoulders, no, you need to be able to play the attrition war fairly well.


cuz they are scared to try something else

caira hank is the most braindead boring comp ever

there are way better comps but they are not that easy to play


Because as another poster said, comp games are about attrition. The timer is ultimately on the hunters’ side so a defensive comp
tends to be the best bet for a win.


since when is Maggie the endgame trapper cause I’m obviously using the wrong character if that’s true (ps I play the endgame trapper but it doesn’t come to that to often)


“My CC is ready”
Not meant to be a competitive comp but you could make some hecka mean looking forts at the relay


Monsters have the potential to demolish hunters in like 5 seconds. Teams pretty much need Hank,Caira to stop that.


I kind of understand the tunnel vision behind playing those two solely