Why do people not end games


I have to say one of the most infuriating I see monsters do is not ending games when they have an advantage. If you perm down a hunter they’re on the retreat, and you need to be hunting them. If you down the medic you can end the game. Just watching monsters not end games because they’re scared about losing 1 hp bar over winning the game really ticks me off.


Depends in what stage monster is in and what hunters its up against. Downing one hunter in stage 1 vs a Lazarus I would run.


Yes you don’t want to risk stage 1 if you don’t down Lazarus. If you do down Laz though o-o.


You can hardly ever predict thee future in Evolve. Downed the medic?That’s cool. Now do I risk letting him back on the drop-ship while I try to kill assault,trapper AND find the support or do I play it safe, escape with a strike or two and be more powerful for the next fight?

A good team can juke you around for so long that they can wear you out and kill you even if you’re stage 3 and full armor(however unlikely it IS possible). So there you have it. Some people will take the risk and make the gamble and some simply prefer not to.


If you’re allowing a team to permanently kite you you’re doing something wrong as the monster. If they lost the medic they’re an easy wipe if you are good at not losing to the evade tactics.


Had waaaaaay too many conversations with people thinking that they’re great at being monster and that they already know the best strategy for everything.

So I’ll just drop it and back out as not to spur another meaningless counter-tactics conversation.

have fun playing the game! :smile:


Maybe he needs to farm his skills, in order to get elite skin?

Some are tricky:
As a Wraith, I remember following the last hunter, waiting for him to jump in order to use my catch ability. :wink:


We’re both over simplifying as the game is extremely difficult to talk about without a visual representation. I tend to play Kraken though, and he naturally has an easier time dealing with teams that wish to kite. I could see Goliath/Wraith having a more difficult time.


Because they want to farm their abbilities. @MaddCow can confirm that.


It’s totally possible for a good team of just three (Trapper, Support and Assault) to do a significant amount of damage to the monster and then escape via cloak once the monster tries to turn it around.


Ha, I have actually won several games with the medic down and out for the longest times… that was actually my 40 min match I was thinking of. Wraith played like a sissy and we won after an epic struggle


well i think the monster player is giving the Hunters 1 or more chanes to kill the monster


For me there are 2 reasons. In the Big Alpha it was either to farm for progression or because I didn’t think that was the game ending engage. I would say a good majority was with regards to the farming for progression.

In the Beta, I played nothing but organized teams. I stopped even ‘trying’ for progression just because I usually died because of it. So there was never a game that I felt I was ‘farming’ for progression, or playing with my food as I called it.

At release I won’t worry about progression as I can just farm bots and not feel bad at all for doing so. However, against good teams that is usually never an option. Remember, what you know and the monster knows are 2 different things. Maybe the Monster COULD win right now, but he/she might not know it.


Dunno,maybe progression,maybe they don’t think they can win it yet,maybe they just don’t want to end it? Could just be having fun messing with the hunters,trying to draw the match out just because they’re enjoying the game.


Sorry world…


It’s something I’m guilty of in other games,and I’ll probably do in Evolve…If you’re having fun,even with the upper hand,you don’t always wanna just rush for the win ya know? Of course that could always backfire and they could manage to turn the match around if given the chance…


Mostly I am guilty of getting two strikes on everyone, the killing of three, getting the Gen to a sliver of hp, and then either killing the last guy, or waiting for all of them to drop in and then take the gen right as the get to me… :persevere:




Yeah, going for a finish that fails just might mean you permanently lose some of that precious HP, the hunter team re-groups and you would’ve been better off playing it safe.

So in some cases it’s playing smart, in some lack of confidence, farmining abilities, trolling, playing around, toying, being new, wanting to go kill that megamouth that said bad things about your mother earlier in the round…

No matter how you feel, there’s no stopping other people from playing the way they want to. :confused:


I had a game recorded from beta where I get the generator down to a sliver then stop and go after the hunters… I know it’s not ‘cheap’ to win via generator, but I felt a fighting win was a fairer fight for both sides. It’s earning the win over taking it.