Why do people like talking smack to the medic?


Every so often I play, I play with a jerk who smack talks to me because I die. The medic only has so much jet boost and can only move to far, at such a speed. The medic is almost always the first target. Why do people smack talk the medic, especially when they do nothing to provide support when the monster is fixated on him solely. If you’re going to shit talk the medic at least provide some support, shield him or distract the monster, but don’t shit talk the medic when he becomes the first and only target of the monster, especially on Defend Mode. If the medic then can’t keep himself alive after you’ve provided support, then by all means shit talk all you want.

The medic becomes the target when the monster get irritated from having a sniper slow him and his minions down, as well as heal the hunter he has bashed on.


Nah, let’s not go that way. A facepalm would probably be in good order, but being hostile is not going to help anyone improve their play.


Medic keeps the team alive.
It’s easy for people to pin the blame on them for losing.


Now, you see, this is why 90% of the time, I play premades with friends. :heartpulse:


Yeah, but if the medic isn’t kept alive, he can’t keep his or her team alive.


You blame the medic when you aren’t getting healed

You blame the support when your’e getting destroyed in a corner and never get shielded

You blame the trapper for a 20 minute game where the monster is in stage 1 for 16 minutes of it

You blame assault when you dome the monster 4x and each time the monster escapes with no red health lost because not enough damage was done.

Maybe you just run into a lot of people who feel medic isn’t very good.


I’ll only be annoyed if the medic clearly isn’t doing his job (i.e. I hear they have a healing burst, yet support is being attacked, and slim is still shooting spores at wraith, OR I’m pounced, the medic is the only one with LoS to get me up (as I’m trapper and just domed) but he’s SHOOTING SPORES AT THE WRAITH! Dx).

But yeah… Sometimes it’s hard to know that the medic was doing his/her job because you’ll be focused on your role. But you can’t blame a medic for being focused and killed by the monster… Blame goes to support for not shielding or cloaking, and perhaps trapper for not slowing the monster. Don’t let it get to you, man. When people are frustrated they’ll vent out, and likely later realize they weren’t really helping things.


its in every game

bad ppl are always blaming the healing.

u get used to it.

u just need experience to know when u fucked up and when u did everything u could


seems pretty reasonable


It’s actually not so reasonable. The medic can only heal one person at a time. For example, should the beast manage to trap two hunters in corner and bash on them, the medic can only heal one hunter at a time, and even if he risks running in to heal with a burst, it only helps so much. It’s in this situation that the medic often get in a bad position and ends up dead.


I was playing support and the medic was healing me even though i had more health and was nowhere near the monster and the assault was fighting the monster, I had to tell the medic to heal the assault because he was going to die. Ive also played in games where the medic never even healed me but healed everyone else.


Agree on all except trapper. Bad trappers are the ones that let the monster run to stage 2 full armor without a dome. Then they never use cc during a dome.

If the monster is still s1 at 16 min it’s losing. Its a boring game, but the trapper is definitely doing their job right.


Because if the medic’s feelings get hurt, he can just heal them.






Player then rambos off by themselves after the monster.


Smacked upon medics have heightened awareness to not screw up. Profits the team.


For me at least, when the monster is running in stage 1 for 15+ minutes what happens is we see it, attack it, it runs. Then we chase it pretty much all game cutting it off at all corners, but the trapper will not dome it. The monster doesn’t feel safe enough to evolve so it just keeps running and running and running. This happens a lot with a good val or sunny and a bad trapper.


You’re so full of shit, just like every player who complains because they suck but need a scapegoat to blame.


People will often blame the Medic because they think they could’ve done better.

Guess what? Most pug players are idiots.
Medics don’t have a very ‘advanced’ playstyle, so next time they trash talk you make sure to point them out to their own mistakes;

The Support might’ve been shielding properly but they’re usually unnecessarily greedy about their Cloak and only save it for themselves to escape the fight if need be. Point him out on that.

Trapper players like to slow the Monster down here and there and place the occasional Harpoon Trap but you almost never see any tactical thought to the placement of those items.

Same for Markov’s Mines.

If they wanna talk you down then make sure you got a counter ready. If they’re stupid enough not to realize it’s almost never the Medic’s fault for dying first then I bet they all made plenty of mistakes as well.


ure doing something wrong if ure taking @WiBaKi srsly sodaC :smiley: