Why do people hate playing as the monster?


I understand you may not be good at it nobody was when they first touched the game. Yet people went through with playing it because it offered a few things the hunters didn’t. It offered a play style for the lone wolf, and makes you truly feel like a badass, and one man army(You know those moments in CoD or BF where you 1v4, and come out on top? You get that every game with this.

The monster is half of the game, and the foil to the hunters. People won’t judge you for being bad at the role they just wish for a fun game. All you have to do is try your hardest, and you’ll eventually start winning games.

What are the reasons for not wanting to play monster outside of skill, or not having fun?


Can’t help you here, I love playing as the monster! Currently closing in on my Elite Cabot, but then it’ll be back to my MonStars!


I put monster as my 5th choice because I already unlocked all three. I’m now working on my Support unlocks, and will switch up to one of the other classes for my #1 slot once I have Cabot unlocked.

Of course, I was also massively surprised when, with monster as my #5 slot I was chosen to play the monster…


It seems that the people who don’t like the monster are often afraid of the pressure of being one man versus four players. They feel like there is no way for them to overcome the thinking power of 4 brains vs their own and they feel overwhelmed.

Monster is a blast though, and I personally don’t understand how people can let those feelings take them away from such an awesome part of the game.


I’ve recently come to love both sides of the game, and they both have certain things that I like in games. Tactical tracking, and destroying a larger threat for the hunters. Using your own skill of both sneak, and power to destroy the hunters is also fun for me.

@Katherine_St_Ives I can see where people can be upset if they really want to play as the hunter, and get put as the monster as their 5th pick, but going against a 4 man premade tends to be good practice :stuck_out_tongue:.

@TheAlmightyKhaz I was super nervous both in my first game in the Alpha, and my first game when the game launched. Nerves are natural, and show that you care about how you perform. I encourage people to get past that first game as the monster, and try to not let the nerves take the best of them. If you’re scared about facing 4 real players go into CO-OP with friends, or Solo to get a feel for the role. If you don’t feel comfortable jumping straight into the game its okay, and there are many ways to get past the fear.


I think it’s mostly the pressure. When you’re new and playing a good Hunter team, no one wants to be the monster that dies stage 1 or makes big mistakes.


I won my first 3 matches as the monsters yesterday!
Just took some practic, and some extreme luck.
Espicially since I had level 3 rock throw against a near dead Cabot and near rezzed Hyde.
I’m sorry, I had to sneak pounce hyde to win the game. I had less than 1/4 of a health bar left!

Also I unlocked Kraken after that game. Won 2 matches against the same team.


I love playing as the monster!! Maybe most people are too scared to play as them at the moment


Because if you lose it’s entirely your own fault, you can’t blame your teammates and pretend you did nothing wrong since you have none.


i love healing so its meh for me but when i somehow get monster (place 5) i try my best and mostly crush them but only cuz i watched many streams from the monster perspective


Well I haven’t played as Monster yet and have to say I’m not sure if I’m going to.

I just feel like it’s cool to be the hunter instead of the hunted. I know that can and will switch around in matches, but still it somehow doesn’t appeal to me that much even though I really think this is a great game.

Also I somehow have problems with seeing the depth as a monster and never know when I’m close enough to swipe or pounce some wildlife or hunters. I’ts weird I know but being a hunter and in first person I don’t have that problem.


For me being the chaser is more enjoyable than the chased.

I also like being to laz too much to betray senpai like that


The biggest turn off is going around and eating to shield up or Evolve, it’s more fun just playing as a hunter and having straight up PVP, you are not forced into PVE stuff.


I got into this game for team play. Playing monster is basically a solo game, which is perfectly fine, just not what I was looking for.

Another reason is I guess that somehow I blocked my mind from even trying to get better as a monster. No matter how many times I play I am unable to improve my game. It’s like my IQ suddenly goes bonkers the moment I got the role. I did manage to win two games with monster (out of 30-something). One was way back in alpha when I got matched agaist 4 level 1 players on last day of alpha and second time was few days ago. I actually have no idea how the hell I won that game, I did the same thing I always do, which is smash keyboard while moving in random directions. Somehow it worked.

It’s not that I don’t like playing monster because I am bad at it. It’s the other way around. I am bad at playing monster because I just don’t like the role.


I think the problem is most people play with friends/parties and its impossible to be the monster when you do this even though we may want to still play as the monster, It’s the one big downside that I see but I can understand their reasoning I don’t want people boosting stats/achievements in my games.


My 2nd monster game, i was like level 3 and it put in a game with 4 other ppl that were level 20. They didn’t even chase me around the map… All they did is to follow me around with bucket’s UAV and waited at the reactor. I reached stage 3 , got full armor, went to the reactor for a fight and got stomped :D.


Being a monster is really lonely =P. You kill alone


It’s not that I don’t like playing as the monster, I’ve just had a difficult time of honing my skills. I’ve started playing more as the hunters so I can see the tactics they use, and also to know how that side works. For me, identifying the key hunters that’ll take me down quicker will help me in deciding who’s going down first, who should I keep an eye on, et cetera. I’ll be back to playing as a monster in no time, though. I miss eviscerating the wildlife and leaving bones in my wake. :smiley:


That is exactly it for me, it’s not easy to pick up straight away, my first match was 5 minutes, my next was 2 minutes and then my third was 3 minutes. I got no one to back me up or help, so if I suck, it’s not like I can say “Well I’ll do something else like pick the healer class/focus on capturing flags in CTF” etc

I’m determined to practice more and git gud though since as the OP says, it’s like half the game.


Main reason for me… Third person view…

Not that I don’t like that type of view, but it throws me being in the same game to play first person, and then to play third person…
I can see the benefits of using that view for the monster, but yeah…

I do think a lot of it is due to people not like being 4 on 1… MAYBE they will release a game mode 4v4… but with less powerful monsters. (like a baby Goliath (minions)). That would be awesome.