Why do people from different regions get host?

Why can 1 person from asia change their download region to Europe, play with 4 europeans and get host? I don’t understand why you would have it work like this.

Another question: In ranked I believe monster ALWAYS gets host. I’ve been running into a few players who are from far away places and this is pretty much an automatic win for them when our whole team is playing with 400 ping. Why is it like this? What’s to stop me changing my download region to china and just farming my way up to gold by laggy wins?

Switching regions doesn’t work anymore(was this a steam thing only?), quick play will connect you and host to whoever the fuck it feels like it.

For ranked yes, monster gets server priority, which is also why they’re taking so long to queue because they first have to look hunters in their area and ping limit and a lot of other factors.

The reason why monster gets priority in ranked is because I believe, monster abilities are way harder to land and can cause bugs with higher ping and they can get stuck in mid ability when it happens. think wraith stuck in mid abilities, Goliath and behemoth broken arms syndrome, kraken teleporting, Goliath crashing the game , Mikey non stop twerking…

I’d be happy to direct you to my many posts in Evolve Anonymous where I complained about this as well.

I have no problem with monster getting host, but I am getting matched with 1 guy and me and my team get 400 ping everytime.
Switching regions I’m pretty sure still works. Why wouldn’t it?

I dunno what that is but unless a dev commented on it I don’t much care(sounds like I’m being harsh, not trying to). I want to get an actual response to this. In other games it takes an area in between and give balanced pings. eg. 150/150 each instead of 300/15. Why not do this?

I recently set my region back to m own country and still have been able to play with mostly North American players…

Great. So it just doesn’t give a fuck and throws you in with people from anywhere?

Really now? I didnt know monsters got host

Hmm I misphrased that, I meant that in rank the monster gets regional host priority not user host priority.

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Yups, but it does try to reconnect you (kinda) back to where you were.

I am living proof that this is not true.

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Because Laggy don’t give that much resources or experience, and you can’t make very much from their drops.

Now, if you found a Great Laggy, or even some Laggya you could do that. But just farming regular Laggy kills? That will just waste the durability on SnS.

Even a Great Laggy doesn’t give off vey good armor. You should try hunting a Lagiacrus. Those guys are where it’s at.

I’ve never seen it otherwise, and I have been watching since someone told me this


You said farming laggy wins and I was like, dang, this reminds me of Monster Hunter (there’s little velociraptor things called Jaggi’s in MH Tri), so I made a monster hunter joke.

So, here is some information I hope makes things more clear:

Changing your region on steam doesn’t affect what server you’re connected to. We automatically assign you to a server that will give you the best connection.

Certain servers will matchmake with each other, but some won’t because of the distance/ping. So for example, East coast can match make with west coast and EU, but west coast can’t match with EU by itself. But if someone from East coast matches with someone with EU and someone from west coast, the east coast will host because they’re in the middle and can balance everything out. But they’re are examples that aren’t ever going to connect because there isn’t a good middle man (like EU and Australia).

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But changing region affects the people you are assigned with right? And then it will choose which server to be host. Right? If so this is where the problem is. In fact if it did affect the server you were assigned to then it would be much better, because the people that change region are the ones that will lag, not everyone else.

Just to make sure, are these the steps?:

You log into multiplayer and are assigned a server with the best connection.

You join with 4 other players which all have their own servers assigned to them.

It then chooses 1 of these servers to host the game. (supposedly the one in the middle)

Also does being in a party affect this? In my experience if I’m in a party and nobody else in the lobby is I always get host, this may be due to my location though, I can’t say for sure.

Separately, when they can’t find a good middleman why would it then choose to give 4 players 400 ping, rather than give 1 player 400 ping? That’s not logical
Talking about skirmish here btw^

I think there needs to be a maximum ping limit amongst all player combinations before a match continues.

There is a certain premade out there with a Laz that always has 400 ping when I play them. The Laz is somewhere in EU and the rest of the team is East or West coast and have decent pings. It is impossible to stop him from reviving and the team is using him as a crutch. It’s super frustrating to lose for this kind of reason.

Do we have a thread or post showing how many servers and its location in each region ?

North america : east , west coast.
North america : ?
Europe: EU
SEA : ? Australia, Singapore ?
Africa: ?