Why do people feel like Emet's healing is UP?


I understand that perhaps it isn’t as fast as Vals medgun but I find that his buoys heal a LOT over time. When you get your end game results you can see that EMET EASILY heals 15,000 at least. Is it because the healing he does isn’t really noticable unless you use the heal burst? He gets so much hate over his healing and I never understood why


I have learned that a good emet is really frustrating as monster. Plus emet has sneaking healing abilities.
Emet overall is a really good medic.


People think his healing is bad because most people dont know how to heal properly with EMET.


Its because 30 healing per tick is stupid underpowered.


yes but that easily adds ups quickly, especially with the heal burt actually! 30 may not seem like a lot but it’s a constant regeneration of health! I’ll admit though it’s something you don’t notice unless someone shows you the numbers but still :confused:


Perhaps he is good when it comes to consistent healing, but I would much rather have 110 healing per tick plus a heal burst if I need it.


I… Eh. I was saying something the other day.
I absolutely love Emet, he’s so fun. BUT, I tend to feel like I’m making little to no impact on the game. His buoy’s healbursts are great, love it- impactful, but the initial heal over time feels a little lackluster. Everything else I feel like is in a nice place, it’s just the buoy heal-over-time that irks me.

I’d gladly even take a damage nerf in favour of heal buffs.


His healing is okay its just people tend to be more offensive with him. Honestly the only thing I would want from him, regarding buffs, is no arm time for his bouys. They have practically no health and are easily destroyed.


For me, the heal tick seems fine enlightened to get te job down. Just Goya stick the buoys in te right place ahead of time


I try to throw mine in bushes, that way the monster can’t really see them. It works wonders especially when a teammate is down and you’re confident the monster won’t see (let alone destroy) the buoy. You can continue the fight while the hidden buoy does it’s thing!


They buoys are easy to destroy and honestly don’t cover enough of the dome tonallow constant healing.


I think his heal over time is a little weak. I feel it can be hard to keep up team mates without a hank or sunny at times with Emet. I think just a very small increase to his heal over time would help.


Simply to be blunt. A majority of the community thinks that E.M.E.T’s healing is UP

Cause E.M.E.T’s healing is UP


I think he’s fine, tbh. His healing is quite effective if the team knows how to play with him. Don’t expect him to be like Val, swooping in save the day. Your team has to know how to properly roach and have the buoys set up in places to allow healing while roaching.

He does pretty good damage too. In a proper match, you should be trading strikes for health against the Monster. Sure, someone might go down, but he is sort of tough to body-camp against. And his respawn beacon, if you get an opportunity to use it, makes those strikes (or deaths) a little bit less impactful.

I do think he works better with a defensive support but my team runs him with offensive comps too.


If fine is completely unviable in a REAL match and useless against a monster with half a month expeeience. Than yea hes fine. Everybody knows what he’s good at. Its just that those things don’t help in a REAL match. No matter how many perks the team takes.

Before he brings extra damage and useless utility to the team. He should properly execute his role as medic. Without the Vanilla Val argument of title update 1 that “He’s good when the team doesn’t take damage” well that’s great but not useful


I would like to see his healing buffed, 30hps is nothing really with a heal burst every 12 seconds won’t be keeping a person up for very long.

Love playing emet, but he’s weak in the healing department. Solid damage, but weak healing.


Not trying to sound rude, but does this work when fighting mid to high silver players? I just want to know because I feel he almost needs a defensive support, and what offensive support do you run with him Cabot, or Kala?


I feel the same, it takes forever standing in a buoy’s area to heal up if there isn’t a heal burst available.


I feel EMET has a good synergy with Abe who could throw stasis grenades around the buoys where each Hunter could be stationed around, which litteraly slows the monster down as he is trying to get near it. Which works really well except more for Kraken who could deal with it from afar.

This, together with Torvald or Parnell who could take momentum of the momentary slowdown or synergy perhaps with markov who could place a mine near each buoy.


The number 1 reason that people think that his healing is UP, is because it is not bursty. It heals consistently. Rogue Val can heal up to 900 health in the first 10 seconds of a fight, Emet only 675. But Rogue Val has to reload the medgun sooner or later, Emet does not. However overall they both have a average healing output of something between 60 and 65 per second.
The thing is, that most monsters try to burst a hunter down, and then have all abilities on cooldown. So in a very short time you need to heal a lot to keep someone alive, then there are only melees to worry.

In other words: If the Monster deals 2400 damage in 10 seconds, Rogue Val will keep that Hunter alive, Emet wont, despite healing about the same on the long run.