Why do people badger Medics?


I love Medics. I love the supporting role, the direct healing of players, and using the tactical capabilities of the class to bring out the performance of my teammates. And in many games, I have flocked to the Medic class as my favorite. Evolve is no different. I love what Val and Laz bring to the team and see myself playing many rounds as them. However, not but 2-3 games into the alpha, I had to deal with what is a fact of life in all FPS-ish games that use a Medic class:

People commanding, chiding and faulting the Medic for any failure (personal or team-based).

Now don’t get me wrong, there ARE bad Medics; people who show no real skill for the class and would be better put towards other roles. But I’ve already seen commentary on Alpha gameplay where people do likewise and complain about the Medic and fault them for not being able to carry the team, despite the glaring mistakes they themselves are making.

So why is this nature in people? Why do they seek to shirk the responsibility of their action and part in the team as well as look to blame someone else for failures. Personally, I’ve always been of the belief that “We win as a team, we lose as a team.” But it’s uncanny how many times people choose the Medic as the scapegoat. My thoughts are this:

  1. Many “failure” criteria involve the death of all players. Because the Medic has a role in providing health for a player, the blaming party assumes that since all players achieved a loss of life, the player with the ability to add health to players was not “doing his job”. I think this stems from the player not understanding that Medics cannot act as sustainers of life when taking direct damage, and that because of their role, they are actually prioritized for death, and will fall first when the team cannot effectively protect their own medic.

  2. Many blaming parties expect the Medic to provide them with dedicated support. They feel their role is so important that it warrants the Medic to basically “pocket” them at all times in order to ensure their well-being. Realistically, though the Medic can “combo” with other classes at opportune times, the act of sticking with 1 player means you are failing your role in aiding the other 2 classes. Often, too, players are so focused on offensive roles, they do not realize they have defensive capabilities that could help the Medic continue to assist the team.

  3. The blaming party always provides “after the fact” hindsight “backseat driving” on how the Medic should have performed when the Medic does not behave in a manner they expect. Nobody cares for this, but I note that I never hear anyone ever tell Assault how to play, or the like. People feel, for whatever reason, they are entitled to command and instruct Medics how to play their role, but wouldn’t hear of someone else telling them how to play. Should the assault be faulted each time we don’t kill the monster? Should the support be faulted each time a player takes damage for not shielding? This is unrealistic idealism of gameplay; best case scenarios.

So what’s your take on if/why people choose to badger Medics. Do you primary Medic?


Because you should have healed me more, God.


Uh, I have never seen any previous threads or complaints on the forums or in-game about people complaining about medics.


I always love when you play Hank, and people run behind stuff while you are shielding them, and then yell at you when they die because you should have been shielding them :stuck_out_tongue:


Nooo he means post game. When you get the quick snipe of someone saying, man I got like no healing. As if the entire fault lies on the medic not having healed them. Seldom does anyone say similar of the trapper not harpooning enough.

That being said I have definitely said “assault you really gotta focus on getting as much damage in as possible and trying to soak those hits”.


PvP games seem to attract a group of a certain mentality. They’re out to prove they’re “better” than everyone else. If they’re not doing well they’ll find anything but themselves to blame and a medic is an easy target.

I usually just tell them if I wasn’t doing what they wanted they should probably dock my pay.


I primary medic, and I haven’t heard a single complaint, at least to me. However, when I came into the game I already knew the skills of both medics, and my main goal is first and foremost to always heal the team or keep them from death. Many people who came into Evolve for the first time without knowing all that much about Medic, had several options to choose from. They COULD, in theory, try to play a sniper role. The medics have more versatility than in some other games so it gives players some wiggle room with how to play…unfortunately as someone goes about learning all that they can do, time can slip by very quickly. For example…Val’s sniper shot: took a LOT of time to aim and, for me, provided rather little satisfaction. But while I was trying to hone those shots, my teammates were getting pummeled. In some video reviews, players didn’t know what certain options did…like healburst (despite the tutorials), so may not use them wisely or around others too. Speaking of, the only criticism I got with playing Medic came in my first few games, when I was forgetting to heal myself with it. One teammate commented this to me: “You keep healing us but you aren’t healing yourself.” This made me a weaker target so if I went down, I couldn’t support my team. So I changed my gameplay and always healbursted myself along with the team as I traveled…I also learned that usually the first strike by the monster was a special ability attack so to heal burst after that first strike as well, and preferably near another teammate to get a group effect going.

Val is easy to notice doing a poor job. If the monster isn’t getting a lot of tranqs, and the green beam not highlighting the field often…that’s probably a poor Val player. If Lazzy isn’t getting people up from the dead and often puts himself right into the heated battlefield without cloak, instead of circling the outskirts…that’s another bad sign. Really though, just a learning curve to any of this stuff. And as some people learn these things, others get angry because crucial seconds tick along. Also, what @Verf said…some players just feel like they are awesomely perfect all the time, so you should be up to par with them and see them as numero uno always.

Some people will get frustrated no matter what, and blame the medic because, after all, they usually can only help one person at a time. The most issues I had healing the team was when they didn’t spread out and instead all were taking massive damage at once while grouped up by the monster, rather than falling back a bit so I could get more time in to heal them each in turn. As Val I must focus on one person at a time, and during especially heated fights, small snippets to one person at a time. Just because you have a medic healing you doesn’t mean rush right into the monster’s face either. Some folks may do so and scream hey, you should have been healing me the entire time, because I’m assault and do the most damage…but they don’t realize the Trapper got incapped behind the monster and I’m trying to get them up first so they can place a harpoon and get the monster off them! Such players seem only concerned with themselves and don’t realize that the medic is helping other teammates.

If players are being bossy, or willfully down-putting to others for their gameplay, that’s not a team I want to play with. Constructive players will help each other out to better their performance and aid their team to this end. It’s how the players grow and the team gets better and better. It is as you say…you win as a team and lose as a team. This is not a game for selfish types and it’d be best to find a group to play with that has integrity. You’ll find plenty of that here with the forum peeps!


The only comment I have regarding pestering medics is when people don’t understand how Laz works and I try to explain that people shouldn’t be reviving other players if I’m still around. Once I explained they were usually good about it. Usually… :slight_smile:


Agreed. I myself, not as a medic, had to apologize a couple of times when Laz was on the team, for reviving. Even so doing, I did get an ear full once. It can be very hard to suddenly allow teammates to go down…really have a learning curve there myself since I’m so heavily trained to NOT allow that to happen! I quit playing with that person who got angry with me though. I apologized, and he kept at it, so again, not my kind of team player. Anytime I hear someone shouting down another player I will quit, albeit after the game…because I’m anti rage-quit.

And yes, even with the tutorial function, people still did not know Laz’s abilities or how to use them well. Just takes some learning with those willing to provide some support. I was in many matches where folks who knew what they were doing would coach others. In fact, “couch” ought to be the key. People threw “Good tranq”, “Good dome”, “Great shielding” and “Nice orbital” around at each other, and that’s how it ought to be. Sometimes you’d hear “Trapper, to help with Kraken place the traps high” or “If you can, shield me while I shoot, Hank.” Far more helpful than “Oh, trapper doesn’t know what he’s doing!”


It’s night and day with regards to teammates who build eachother up instead of tear eachother down.


The only thing i really complained about with the medics I played with is that very few of them realised that the heal burst could heal them, so they always went into battle low health and got one-shotted. Apart from that I was fine with what the medics did


Yup, I noticed this a lot as well. I also found that most medics would use the heal gun and nothing else, or use the sniper rifle and never heal :stuck_out_tongue:


I main medics/support on most games. I’m still capable of killing though so :wink:


It’s pretty simple why people blame the medic. They died because their health went down, the medic handles the health so to them it must be the medic’s problem. It’s not great logic in any game where they punish you for positioning and this game is extremely reliant on you taking care of yourself while playing in a team.

That said, I didn’t see anybody blame the medic for heals in the alpha. To be fair, I’m just lucky enough to find all the nice players in a community when I play games, even on League, so I don’t get to see badmouthing often.


Honestly I found Assault players to be the most deserving of the “WHY WE LOST” badge, lol.

I think that new players don’t realize how absolutely necessary the DAMAGE class is or else the monster can take his time.

Had many fights where the assault was scared and never used his main damage tool (either flamethrower or lightning gun). I find bad assaults to be annoying because often you don’t know your assault isn’t helping until it’s too late.

Full dome duration, stage 1 fight and the monster still has a third of his armor up? Yet you’ve had him harpooned or on your butt the whole time? Wait, where’s assault?

That’s how it went for me.


I totally agree with this. In fact, I would even argue slightly that people need to swap weapons so that everyone helps do damage. You won’t win if Hank is ALWAYS using his shield, val is ALWAYS using her heal beam, and the trapper is ALWAYS using the harpoon. You win by doing enough damage to the monster and only having 1 person do it all is madness. I fully support that the Assault was one of the bigger offenders of this. Use that shield, ram your face into his, if you run out of bullets use harsh language :smiley:


Yea, when introducing friends who knew little to nothing, I recommended Assault. Boy did I regret that. I thought as it’s more straight forward, traditional “shooting” that it would be a good starting role.

Problem is, since what you’re shooting doesn’t die easy, it tends to make newer players play more cautiously (or cowardly if you will) and Assault can’t be afraid. They need to dive, turn that shield on and go to town. Without Assault, the monster can take his time picking apart the support classes.


I think support is prolly the best start for a new player, he doesn’t have a set crucial role


Ya, he’s pretty flexible. Our games changed up a bit when we had Laz because the Assault would just suicide rush the monster over and over with Laz picking him up after each round :slight_smile:


Didn’t the Devs also recommend that newbs play assault?
It makes sense as I’d rather have a bad assault rather than a bad trapper or medic