Why do monsters give EMET so much hate?


Ok so before I start off my explanation YES. I know hes the medic and is vital. So ever since his release, EMET literally has become the biggest X marked spot in the hunter team. I feel like no monster wants to see him reach elite status because they literally only go for him and him alone regardless of the circumstances. They will throw the whole game to ensure he wont be capable of making any progress of any kind. Like they have a personal vendetta against him for being him. Elite EMET looks farther and farther away with the most overdone agro ever


I think it’s because he’s really easy to focus on, maybe his healings totems aren’t enough? Plus burst damage is his weakness.

Also, they don’t want you putting that beacon.

Btw, I changed the category to Hunters, Medic since you’re talking about the medic :smile:

Edit: I think some users in here said that he does great with Hank and Sunny.


It really is because he’s so easy to focus. No medic = no one’s making it out alive. Val has her tranqs, Caira has her speed, Laz has his invisibility, and Slim has his spores, but EMET…

He has a respawn beacon he can’t even use until someone is dead. Without proper support he’s as good as gone without so much as an afterthought.


Leaving Emet alive is the number one way to lose. The only way to win against him is burst damage or take out Emet. He has the highest healing Heal Burst and therefore will be a pain if you let him stay up longer than he needs to. While he’s up he deals great damage for Medic and fine healing every 10 or so seconds. Plus he’s Medic, Medic is usually top priority.

Plus if you crack through his healing but he’s still up he can give even better heals to incapped teammates and keep them up longer and if you spend a lot of health taking them out instead of him he’ll just respawn them when you run.

It’s a lot easier to go for Emet than any other member on the Hunter team.

That’s a Monster that simply doesn’t care if they throw a game just to kill him.

For example, @SledgePainter will do that for Laz on occasion just like I will do so for Slim.


I beg your pardon?


Typed too fast, already fixed lol


I didn’t know monster players had a problem wit Emet. He’s pretty easy to deal with from my experience. He reminds me of Bucket, but instead of turrets it’s healing buoys. Emet has to focus on either setting up his buoys, resetting up his buoys since they can easily be destroyed, or damaging the monster. He can only do one thing at a time.


he can kinda hit the monster then resume throwing bouys because all he has to do is land a hit with the finger pistol and go back to throwing heals


So he’s not healing his teammates during that time? Excellent.


he still is lol. Once he hits that one shot he is still putting out heals but he doesn’t have to keep the pistol out he can have replacement bouys in his hand


Each healing buoy takes 2 seconds to start healing, add in the time for switching weapons and firing the tracer shot and that’s quite a lack of healing in enough time to down a hunter being focused


Its the fear of the respawn beacon and the potential to focus him. He has no “mitigation” tool of his own- So its all up to the support/trapper. He doesnt get spore clouds, or a speed boost, or tranqs. Hes gets a slightly buffed heal burst thats difference is negated by 1-2 melee attacks, making him easier to focus.

Id be ok if his healing drones healed him for slightly more than the other hunters, much like his healing burst does for him when hes around them.


Nah, they’re probably just not making wise decisions as to when to disengage, happens often.

I’ll target Emet because he’s the medic, not because I hate him. Though he did say he was going to “put his dick in my asshole” once, but eh.


Focusing EMET as the monster is generally the best way to close out a game. He heals himself as much as he does his team with heal burst so why not just kill him to stop the healing? Plus it can be more difficult to damage the monster and throw bouys while you run around kiting and dodging. This is where a defensive support like hank or sunny comes into play.
Elite EMET is impossible to get legitimately :’(


self or other?

i think he has the 2nd highest self heal burst with laz right below him. Rogue Val of course just wins on that…


Doesn’t Val match him at 550?


Ah, the reason I’m a Trapper now. lol But seriously, it does feel that way a lot. Sometimes it’s true. But honestly, who cares about destroying mastery? Unless someone has a SERIOUS grudge against your character, they’re probably only going after you because you’re the medic. That person will be getting Elite one way or the other so why bother?

That’s a grudge, friend. It has little to do with him specifically. Medic is usually the first attacked, behind Trapper sometimes. But risking throwing a game is most likely grudge-holding. I know that there are hunters out there that monsters will auto-target no matter what. If I’m going to be honest, I’m guilty of smashing any Laz I see even if they’re not threatening at the moment or I’m being pounded by Assault. :stuck_out_tongue: So don’t feel bad. That sometimes happens, but not enough to be considered problematic, I think.


because he’s not fun to play against. if you are taking anti-fun you better believe I’m going after you till you are dead,completely dead.


That’s why
But I love him anyway :smile:


I did mention “I think” which you forgot to quote :stuck_out_tongue: