Why do Lazarus, Parnell and Wasteland Maggie cost 8000 silver keys?



The majority of the hunters are only 5500 silver keys, but Lazarus, Parnell and Wasteland Maggie are a considerable amount more expensive; I see no reason for this as those hunters are not in any way more advantageous than other hunters.


well actually they are fairly potent characters. Parnell is the heaviest hitting assault. Lazarus when played well makes any monsters day hell and well wasteland maggie was vastly superior to the other trappers for awhile. no clue if she is still as crazy as before but she may be. so it may be to keep in fewer numbers so monsters dont see them 24-7.


Huh… it’s almost like they think they are better…



It could also be to keep more advanced character playstyles less available to the mass’s.


I would die if the Hunter playerbase turned into a Laz army. I have never run across a good Laz player, but a hell full of bad ones. I say hell because that’s where Laz rightly belongs for allowing hunted to cheat death.

Parnell is very strong against bad monsters.

Wags was toned down so I dunno.


yeah before lazarus was always there. if i played 10 matches a day half would always be lazarus before… depending on current balance of course. so im glad he will be slightly less popular irritant.


Lazarus is pretty bad if the monster is halfway decent. Parnell is ok and Wasteland Maggie is worse than original Maggie.


You can’t honestly believe they price things higher because they think it’s stronger. More likely because it cost them more resources to develop because they needed to develop some new tech. Very similar to how/why Marvel Heroes prices their superheroes.




Each character probably took the same amount of effort to create as the others…

Comparing Marvel/DC Hero Toys to Evolve’s Digital “Heros” doesn’t really fit. Two totally different processes and methods of creation.

To make characters of different prices to begin with doesn’t really make much sense other than to make sure a player has more time to play and understand the game but it’s kinda dumb depending on the rate at which one gets the coins or keys or whatever they call them.

The jab at them being better was half serious half a joke.

I’ve always found Parnell lack luster. Both at using him and being on the receiving end of him. Only ever been killed by him once and that was my super early days.

Lazarus would make sense except he’s been nerfed anyhow depending on a Hunter Incap or Death. Waste Maggie? Eh… she’s a tad dirty at times but I think she’s been nerfed too.


Except they were all originally free characters so outside of performance and or how complicated they are to play there is no other reason for the price diffrence. I could understand the old dlc characters costing more naturally but since these are not my previous statement is more likely.


because pubs should never run Lazarus. never. make him so expensive that new players hesitate to buy him!


Huh? Marvel Heroes is a video game, not a toy. Sometimes new heroes use all new animations, brand new tech such as a motorcycle they can ride (ghost rider), brand new spell effects, and they cost more to make. Sometimes new heroes are able to borrow assets from previous heroes and are cheaper to make, so they cost less in-game currency. It was explained in detail by the devs of that game. I imagine a similar process is at work here.

For example, in that game Wolverine is a highly popular and powerful hero. He’s a big hit in the movies and is one of the most widely recognized characters, so you’d think he’d be up there with the most expensive right? Nope he’s with the cheapest, because he has no super flashy stuff they had to create, he’s just a guy with claws.


Maybe that’s true about lazarus but parnell and wasteland maggie are not really harder than other characters


Oh wait you were talking about another game…

I thought you were talking about “toys”…

Either way among 20 different Hunters 3 of them apparently cost more. One of them is a reskin and a slight tweak away from the original. Parnell isn’t fancy. Lazarus is the big weirdo so he seems the most reasonable… but that isn’t saying much.

Small question for whomever. Do Veteran Players need to grind out all the characters (as in unlock all of them) again and do we still get to keep our Elite Skins or do we need to grind for those again?


People who bought the game have all the characters they owned unlocked automatically.

Elite skins were and are tied to the progression system so they reset.


Really? All that time we spent playing those characters and grinding some of the dumber ones are now relocked? Seriously?

Well what was the freaking point in even being here since day one? Oh the exeprience? You get all the characters at the start of Stage 2? Big whoop!

Oy… not looking forward to that…

I wore my Elite Monster Skins proudly…

Now I have to play those same crappy characters that I don’t like again…

How are they unlocked? You said tied to Progression? As in they need to hit level 40?



Characters (both monsters and hunters) are already labeled as “easy, challenging, moderate, etc” so using a higher price-tag as a means of conveying difficulty is redundant.