Why do I keep coming back to Evolve? Because I am a fool who believe in hope

Also if you actually read this, you’re awesome and have a nice day.


I actually have the same thoughts more often than not. ‘Why do I keep coming back to this? There are so many issues, a lot of them haven’t been fixed yet even when they were in the big alpha!’

But, I keep coming back because, despite it’s flaws, it is an absolutely amazing game. The thrill I get from a good game, the occasional new hunter amazing hunter voice lines, the balance patches.

That is why I sometimes get so frustrated at it. Because I want it to be great, to be PERFECT.


Think I need to set my standards lower so I won’t get so crushed by them, I cry myself to sleep sometimes thinking of the things the game could be while listening to Born To Die as my sorrow slowly overwhelms me. Only to wake up the next day and repeating the cycle again. It’s like a bad relationship a relationship that I just keep coming back to even though I know it’s not healthy.

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i think i come back to the game every day because even with all the bugs in the game its still really enjoyable for me.

Why do I keep coming back to Evolve?

Maybe it’s the characters.
Maybe it’s the design.
Maybe it’s the gameplay.
Maybe it’s the fact that it is the only game on my PC.

We’ll never know.

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I have over a hundred games on PC yet I always endup saying that I don’t have anything to play and go back into evolve.

Why do I keep coming back?
For moments like these

These moments make all the bugs and the balance problems worth it ^.^

Also because Slim is bae but thats besides the point


Because I never before ran into a game that actually got both a nice community and brilliant design.

I’m hoping if I keeping coming back it will finally love me

Q.Q never had this happen to me :frowning:

10% health hank
2 bar Goliath
Rock Throw

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Yeah, no kidding. I start the game up every other day thinking “This is gonna be awesome” and then I get pissed after two rounds because all the issues…

In the early days this types of events were more common now everything just snowballs.

this is the most common thing that I feel when I play the game sometimes, never had I ever played a game where evem if I had win that it will leave feeling very salty in the end.