Why do hunters think that glitching out of behemoth is a tactic and not an exploit?

From here on out if I see a hunter exploit his way out of a tongue grab I will troll the game all the way to 20 mins and take the loss if I’m losing. Abusing an exploit like this is bull shit.

That’s not a glitch or exploit, hunters are able to jetpack boost in the opposite direction of the tongue grab to stop their momentum. It was added in the second patch after the Behemoth was released I think, it’s totally intentional.

We don’t really condone trolling on these forums.


It’s an exploit, I believe.

Exploiting out a tongue grab is trolling a behemoth.

Regardless of what it may be, we don’t condone trolling acts on the forums.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right .-.


What shredder means is the rules of the forum and the mods don’t allow trolling here.

Jetpack boosting out of tongue grab is an exploit, and totally not intentional by design. It is supposed to be designed much like wraiths abduction, where you are tumble-locked all the way until the original starting point. I don’t know why hunters still continue to think jetpack boosting out of tongue grab is a tactic.

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THANKYOU! I also have no idea why people don’t think its an exploit and is a bug. If you’ve been around since bobs release you should know that.

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Behemoth’s tongue grab is suppose to bring hunters to him. If an ability is inconsistent when it has been correctly and accurately used by the player (unless the ability has some chance factor, or it’s countered by another ability) then it’s considered a bug. Otherwise his tongue grab might as well not exist.

And if it’s a bug, I doubt it’s ever intentional.

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As a primary hunter, it’s a natural reaction to try and get out of a tongue grab by jet packing. Do you expect us to put our controllers down when behemoth rolls his tongue at us? As a reaction I try and get out of an abduction too if I get abducted by wraith, but can’t of course because he/she was developed correctly. Blame the devs on this one. Not the hunters who are trying to get away because like I said, it’s a natural reaction to try and jetpack away.


Does this clear up some of the questions?

If you are holding back on the analog stick BEFORE you get hit by the tongue grab, you can counter it.

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My feeling is that if you get caught by the tongue grab there should be no out. I see people getting caught and starting to be pulled towards me but then jetpacking back and out of the move. That, to me, feels like a bug which goes against what @MajorLeeHyper was describing. I don’t believe the intention is for you to ever be able to get out of the animation of being pulled towards Behemoth if it connects with you, if there was then that move would be pointless.

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Ive had a couple times allow me to get away, without me trying to do anything.
I complain when Im the monster and it happens, but as a hunter im like…
"If I were that monster Id be pissed, but im not so im happy :slight_smile: "

Them flags doe.

I’m ok with a hunter positioning themself so that the topography of the ground prevents the tongue grab. I’m not ok when I clearly get a grab but the hunter glitches out of it. I don’t buy the ‘its reflexive to do’. It’s also reflexive to want to go apeshit on people that piss me off IRL too but I don’t do that either.

U mad bro?