Why do hunters i see not shoot banshee mines?


Banshee mines have to be the most easily avoidable ability in the game

But people keep on getting downed killed and hit by them

Do they not know they only take 1~3 bullets to destroy?
and move very slow

This should be in the tips.


I shoot them. Unless I’m Hank, then I just shield my friends that are being chased.

I think the screams cause players to think there’s a bunch of asian fangirls chasing them. They like it.


I didn’t know shooting them was a thing.

Also, as a trapper main, I don’t hold a weapon all that often.


Playing Griffin I probably had the harpoon in my hands. Playing Hank I was probably holding the Shield Generator.

Swapping weapons is a bit slow and you may not have time to shoot them.


I target the people not having out guns at the time. People focus the monster that I can get free hits against trapper and medic quite a lot.


I had no idea you could shoot them. So that may be a big reason why they dont.


I was assault and always shoot mines first, always! You prob played with wrong guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I am fighting the kraken and get downed I always shoot the mines for my team. It seems a lot more helpful than putting a little damage into the monster.


Just gonna put this here…as both a lesson and media opportunity >.> 1:27 brings up mine destruction.


I always make a point of shooting the mines unless im playing Cabot or Val. Those slow guns make wasting time shooting @ mines (especially with the risk of missing) a waste of effort.

Markov is great though. He can just lightning gun those suckers up.

Edit: Oh right I wanted to add that I run swap speed with most hunters these days: Abe, Val, Bucket and on some occasions even on Hyde. One of the main reasons I do this is mainly because it ups my dps when I can quickly swap weapons but also because of Banshee mines themselves.


I remember Maddcow kept sending banshee mines at me when I was Caira. I had to keep switching weapons to pop them, which was really annoying.


This is actually why I started running swap speed with Grif. I figured using the harpoon and then getting bullets into the monster and shooting mines would be more helpful than having a 15% faster reload on that stupidly slow harpoon gun. I was correct too, never going back to reload speed on Grif (well, until I can get 3 star, then I might consider it)


I will try that. I always used the reload perk just because of the harpoon.


Yup, fire harpoon, swap to smg and empty it, then switch back to harpoon. Worked so well at getting in way more damage (especially if there were weakspots) for only a marginally smaller amount of cc


Shooting mines as Val…not even an option for me! I can’t reload fast enough to make a difference. I just run and hope I go faster or my team shoots them down.


Yeah some hunters don’t have the ability to take out the banshee mines fast enough val, cabot, caira has problems with it but as a Trapper or Lazarus i generally focused those


Yeah as val don’t even bother ! As soon as you shoot one the other two will be on you regardless


I’m surprised to hear that some people don’t shoot the mines. It’s the first thing I tried against them.


In the alpha the first couple matches against Kraken I didn’t realize you could shoot the mines but i shot one by accident as Laz and it popped and was like oh… then it became a compulsion to pop as many as i could like bubble wrap.


After watching those games I learned some nice tricks I can’t wait to try out in release with regards to banshee mines. :slight_smile: