Why do hunters expect to always win?


Seems that if hunters (More so than monsters) do not win they cry OP and complain they lost And then use the fact they lost to a good monster as proof. You won’t always win as a hunter and you shouldn’t always win.


And then when monsters cry OP its cuz we need to learn to play.
Who knows, maybe its just a majority rules thing :confused:


Guess they feel the four should always beat the 1 lol simple mathematics my dear watson. But in all seriousness they gotta stop this trend now
stage 1 hunter advantage
stage 2 equal
stage 3 monster advantage
it already balanced so they need to nip these pay2win characters


Humans always feel they should come out on top, and have more than the next human. If they don’t, they feel the odds are not balanced in their favour. Naturally, if someone wins 3 games, and loses 1; they believe they should get better at what they are doing. Because they are 25% off a perfect win rate. Due to this feeling of entitlement, people feel as though the enemies must be OP; if they aren’t winning consistently. This leads to unskilled players, believing it’s in game balance; and nothing they can do will change that. However, it’s also due to the fact; the majority of players rely on other random players. And these players skill level, may drop off at a larger point than theirs. This makes skilled players, lose much more games than they can win. This again, causes hunters to complain about losses; and believe the monsters are OP.

Since there are 4 people on the hunter team, and 1 on the monster team; naturally you see more people complaining about the monster, than you do the monster complaining about the hunters. Majority of players play hunter after all, as it’s required to get a game set up. We have about the same percentage of hunters complaining about monsters, as we have monsters complaining about hunters. This is again, due to the fact there is a larger amount of hunter players; so their voice speaks louder.

But as it stands, we are hearing allot of people complaining about how the Behemoth is UP; and the tier 4 is OP. This is because the monsters are typically bad, and not skilled at countering these new classes that have come out. When they become used to it, the nerd rage will calm down.

Basically this is life as a gamer, and you have to learn to deal with it. Anything new in a game, will be labeled at one end of the scale, or the other. Either it’s OP, or UP at launch. There is no middle ground for most players.


Humans are just dumb like that, we think that just because the hunters are human that they’re the good guys and the good guys always win. Its easy to complain about the other side when you’re planted firmly on yours.


It seems like a lot of them do. If I lose whether Im monster or Hunter I dont complain about it the second I lose.


But after I play for a while and if I feel like something is too strong then I will adress my opinion


this whole post should be in the owners manual for all gaming systems. like the first thing you should see in fine print. and the ending should look like this

#Basically this is life as a gamer, and you have to learn to deal with it



The monster can fully deny wildlife buffs from the hunters, while the hunters are at the mercy of it decaying over time.

Because the wildlife pretty much is on the monsters side, apart from Trapjaws and Batrays. (both RNG I might add)

Because the weather is on the monsters side. (You can’t convince me that the hunters vision is impaired by thick rain/fog, with having the smell ability and the lights from the hunters jetpack being very easy to see)

Because monsters tend to run until they are stage 3 full armor with a powerful buff. This is seen as boring by a lot of hunters.

Because the monster can make so many mistakes during a fight (missing rock throws, lighting strikes etc) but all he has to do is hit one (non-shielded) target, follow up with one spell and bam, incapped hunter. Not even Caira can outheal the burst of a lvl 3 ability.

That is why a monster win is usually not taken very well by hunters. Because it was probably caused by one (or a combination) of the following situations.


They don’t, and posts like yours mindlessly insulting anyone commenting on balance - if they happen to disagree with you - are the gutter trash of these forums.


To whom was that directed?


I play hunter almost explicitly, and I’ve no problem with these effects. They seem to balance out at the end. Weather is no issue, it’s just slightly annoying. Wildlife is dodgeable. Monsters running is the point of the game, you’re supposed to catch them. And it’s the supports/medic job to try to protect from these heavy damage abilities.

However… I do agree with you on the albino’s. They need removed from the game, as it’s usually a significant bonus to a skilled monster. It’s not in favour of the hunters, and it gets annoying. That’s about my only annoyance fighting a monster.


It was directed at the OP.

Particularly to the tired “cry OP and complain” line.


Ah, to that I would agree. But his problem is simply not understanding it. It can be directed at monsters as well.


I think Albinos can be balanced, but most of them are insanely strong on Monster right now.

I think they either need to be significantly toned down with less predictability on where they spawn and the ability for Hunters to deny buffs they manage to kill first, or simply removed.


Cause them to spawn at random times in the game (after the hunters have landed on the ground, they shouldn’t be able to spawn before the hunters are in game), and cause them to decay a minute faster than they do now.


Aaah I like that idea.

I’m generally not a fan of spawning wildlife, but that I would completely support.

Personally I’d like decay to start at a minute and take up to 30 seconds from start to nothing left for the biggest wildlife.

Doming Monsters could effectively deny them buffs killed elsewhere before then, that way.


i don’t expect to win … but i want a fair fight as monster and hunter :slight_smile:


HEY!!! ex-monster here, when i learned how OP sunny was, i expected to win every match for $25 soo let me win,

i payed to win, and i deserve to win, soo enjoy losing monsters for a month, cause i as sunny will nuke you for days XD and with my boost and shield you cant damage or run, ENJOY!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is this a joke? Sunny’s kit can be countered easily…