Why do humans want Shear?


With the lore that has been revealed, this is in the far future where humans have colonized several planets and are starting to make a real-life version of Star Wars. With planets like Mars there is no wildlife to fight with and it is easy to colonize. With Sheer there is a entire ecosystem that evolved without humans and doesn’t need humans. Why would man-kind want to live on a planet that has such hostile creatures like the monsters? Heck, even the plants want to kill the hunters! Why not just go find another planet to live on people! Only reasons would be if humans need oil and other natural resources that can only form if life is on the planet but if there are intelligent aliens in the game then don’t the aliens have these resources?


As I understand it the monsters are not native to Shear. They’re an invasive species.


I haven’t heard that to be confirme. I guess we just need to play the campaign mode of the game to truly know.


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Also, the plants would be native and I think all the animals there who kill hunters like tyrants and megamouths are definitely native. It would take thousands of years for actual evolution to let the animals be like they are. I say the humans in the future just want to rule the world.


@Draculasaurus is right, and they also have links to our own solar system


you know for the right resources we will go anywhere just look at melange on dune even though Shai-Hulud watches over it we still mine it “he who controls the spice controls the universe”


It’s a near Earth garden world. Mars in comparison is not. Being able to exploit resources while breathing the atmosphere, drinking the water, growing veggies, not getting infected instantly by microscopic spores, nor get crushed by massive gravity, is well worth the odd Mega Mouth.


Humans are difficult…We like taking things from others and fighting with them about it. We love destroying things and then when its almost gone, we decide to change how we use energy and go green…its never enough… Isn’t that lure enough? :slight_smile: lol


Yup, humans want to find the easiest way to get rich. Why did Europeans settle in North America with all the vicious “savages” (not trying to offend anyone) when Europe was much more tame? Again, the answer is greed, whether they came for natural resources or more room to expand themselves (probably both)


There’s a reason planet-tamers can make a living doing that work :smile:

Like @Makk said, the planet is great except for some pesky wildlife. Call in some extremely hardcore exterminators and you’re golden…you know, provided everything goes according to plan.


That’s literally their job? Taming planets? That’s AWESOME!


Yeah, extermination style lol


I can’t seem to find the lore care linking it for me?


There isn’t alot of lore yet revealed to the public. Its mostly guessing, but what we do know is the hunters are known as planet tamers, they protect the colonists for the humans who are colonizing planets with wild life. @Plaff may be able to correct and link you to some better information.


nice euphemism :wink: