Why do forum members with 2 posts get pre release?!


I mean like seriously, ive been really nice towards everyone and i mean everyone, ive tried to stay active on the forums as much as possible, but why do i notice a guy with 2-3 posts gets a pre release? it feels unfair




:confused: idk man but 1 week til release hype


Not all press releases were given to Forum Members. In fact, only a handful. Maybe they signed up after they got it.


I’ve already answered this in the previous topic but lets go again.Only the moderators or “helpfull members” took a code as a Thank you that’s it.
As for random people you see it goes like this.Lets say TRS sent some codes to the manager of Amazon as a thank you.That manager didn’t care for it and gave it to one of his employees.So he got a code.And of course streamers and youtubers.

Also its not pre-release it is PRESS-release.For marketing purposes


oh i though they gave it to the nicest forum members, one of the reasons why i was mad was becuase someone with 2 posts was able to enjoy hes pre release.


They probably didn’t get it because of the forums.

Maybe they’re some streamers, maybe people from DGL comp teams and maybe youtubers. They came here because they need people to play with, s’all.


Ah, PRESS releases…

yeah OP, unless you write a gaming blog/review vids that has actual viewership, you wouldn’t be like to get a press release.

The new members with 2-3 posts who have it, came here to ask questions about this press release they just got.

One of the reasons I’m working on setting up a new game review site ith some friends actually :smiley:

We’ll still need to earn a viewership before anyone gifts us review copies


OP PLEASE CONTROL URSELF! I know we all have a huge load just waiting to explode but its just one week left! U ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD IT IN MY BROTHER!


Nop.There are LOTS of people who are very nice here.But it doesn’t work like that.And you are getting angry about them but you have like 58 posts? :slight_smile: .Dude i have 1200 more than you.All the forum members you see having one is because they did something helpfull in the community and they are getting it as a Thank you.


Also, progressions don’t carry over. The preview build will end and we still need to download our game copies we purchased. Everyone starts back at level 0 on day 1 and has to unlock everything all over again.


Might want to re-phrase this. :fearful:


nah i got angry becuase ive spent most of my free time on this forum, and barely have time at the moment because im so busy with everything


its like earning 10 dollars a month and you give 6 away, and do not get anything back from it, and someone gives 2 and he suddenly gets it. im sorry im not that good with comparing tho :smile:


I think I hear the buzz of Bucket’s UAV approaching


Yeah its cool.I also spend at least 10 hours per day in here.Simply because if i’m home i’m waitting for Evolve to launch and if i’m at work PC’s are crappy so i can only read forums or play Solitaire LOL.
But still i’m so many hours here to read about Evolve not to “earn” like what?5 days of an older build that eventually everything will be wiped for there.

Don’t worry about that.People who have 1 or 2 posts already had their code through their company/store they work and just came in here to ask instructions.They didn’t earn it through here


No one likes being left out, I don’t really think it was a good idea to begin with. But it isn’t that big of a deal, the game will be out soon anyways for everyone <3


ye i understand, thanks for telling :smile:


at least your not in my boat. i got the offer for a press release. and its PC only. i play on ps4 XD.

my pc tried during the alpha. it dies at the cinematic. and so I watch my forum buddies wreck havoc every night. i get on league with crappy fps and want to chuck my computer out the window. so im super bummed i almost spent 800$ just for the press release copy lol.


Dooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt


You know you want to :wink: