Why Do Bots Have The Option To Dome?



I have always found it to be a bug in some ways. Imagine this: You are in a match with a single bot, and the monster reached stage 3. You, obviously, went to the relay to setup your defence. The monster is lurking in the distance, and as soon as it reaches the relay, you find out that Wasteland Maggie has domed the monster! In addition to it breaking your strategy, it gives the monster a huge chance to down someone because you will be stuck in a surprising dome. Sure, you can deactivate the dome, but you will have to wait for it to recharge, and the monster will have time to down a hunter and escape, regenerate armor, and comeback to do the same thing again.

I do not know if this has been discussed before, but I think it should be.


It is not only bots who should have dome to be taken away from them!
Nothing like that ‘dude’ doming at worst places in worst time preferably medic too[so he can die quickly 1vs1]

I also meet trolls that take dome down every time u dome monster.


Good point, it is very irritating but I’ve never had the thought to rip it from them…although I know they have it just in case your aren’t there to dome it yourself


@Alucard_Shadow Those are my favorite players. Do not forget when they start bashing their teammates because they were not there to help them, and when they quit afterwards. As for the trolls, I have not met many of them, fortunately.

@The_Specialist It is irritating. They should not dome the monster when the whole team is nearby, let alone when nobody is.