Why do ai get gamertag?


it annoys me that ai hunters get a gamertag instead of the hunters name simply because sometimes the ai does something thats just absolutely stupid and ill yell at it thinking it can hear me. for instance an ai maggie dropped the dome on me and her when the monster was really far away and would not drop the dome even after we could see the monster on the other side of it annihilating our teammates. this needs to be fixed, i know it must seem cute but it isn’t


Doesn’t this only happen when the player is idle? And the gamertag does say Idle in front of the name o.O


its not a player its an ai

ai shouldn’t be going idle…


If they have a name they are a real player.
If they just have the characters name they are a bot.
If they have IDLE: before their name they are a bot however the spot is reserved for that player.

This trapper was a player who was either not very good at the game or griefing.


no the ai do get names, not the hunter names but an actual gamertag, if you can remember and your in a game where your the only human hunter (thats how i noticed this) then you’ll see that ai get gamertags


No they dont…


They actually don’t get any kind of names unless somebody is ‘taking a break’, then it shows that player’s name with “IDLE” in front of it