Why did you stop playing?

Although brainstorming ideas to revive the playerbase is a good idea, I think talking about why everyone has stopped playing in the first place is equally productive. Personally, I stopped trying to get a match on weeknights when I spent more time waiting for a match or penalty timer than actually playing.

Also spent a good chunk of time going through all of those obnoxious unskippable intros again and again due to crashing or force-closing the game b/c it was stuck on loading. My weekend playing has been reduced to a token couple of hours, sometimes a bit more when there is a Challenge.

Lastly, the power disparity between Hunters & Monsters grows with every Tier. When new Hunters are added, the combo potential increases exponentially, inviting many new tactics, whereas Monster tactics remain relatively static. The game has become hard to love b/c it’s always two steps forward, one step back. That is why I barely play these days. What about you?

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So like is this a goodbye thread or something ._.
I think that most people who have or are stopping playing wouldnt come to the forums? I might be wrong…

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Uhm, I’m still playing… :s


I haven’t played in awhile (2-3 weeks) either but I am still active in the community. I have taken many peoples advice of taking a break from the game.

The reason I took a break was because of bugs and crashes and general lack of excitement about the future of the game. The balance of the game can be debated all day but it depends on the level you play at so we won’t get anywhere talking about balance and whether that is a good reason to take a break.

Que time are also very frustrating.


I took about a month and a half off from the game back in May because The Witcher 3 came out, a game I was waiting years for. Then in July I got back into Evolve and really loved Arena mode.

I haven’t played Evolve much since the beginning of September because of my busy life; it was my birthday, I went to FL for two weeks and watched my best friends get married, and then had another wedding I was a part of today. It’s been pretty good timing because I was getting frustrated with the game for the same reasons @billabong5511 said and thought about taking another break.


Not played for two weeks after trying to stream it and Matchmaking issues on PS4 were humiliating to explain and apologise for.

Been waiting for news on match making solutions/title update/ new content before loading it up.

Hopefully after ESL saga is over with we can focus on what really matters about this game and getting it playable for more than just competitive teams.


Low player base is my main reason.

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Yeah, I was bummed when I heard that they weren’t planning to update anything until after the ESL tournament was over so that the game stays the same for them throughout.

I mean, I get it and that’s understandable, but what about the rest of us? But it is what it is.
And hopefully there will be an update, any sort of update, right away.

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I’m still playing, but definitely a lot less than I used to. It’s mainly just waiting times, especially on weekdays. On weekends I can usually find a match in around 5 minutes (which is still a little longer than I’d like but eh whatever), but on weekdays I’ll usually call it quits after sitting at a searching screen for 20 minutes.

I has to go to sleep =[


i’m playing less and less because i don’t have a group anymore. and my teammates stopped playing because of balancing issues, jobs, low playerbase.

Not just monster-exclusive players, hunter-exclusive players have also voiced their nerf monster voices…it goes both ways; just goes to show that you can’t make everyone happy.

true but currently the hunters are at a bigger disadvantage

I play any time i feel confident enough to get a good random team or my group gets on (which is like never anymore) but i do play solo just to enjoy the core gameplay

I stopped playing after my first 60 games at rank, cause I want to play solo hunter like common and stuck at solo. Actually I am trying to play with some other players, who got the same probe.

I had taken 1.5 months away from the game due to being discouraged by snale’s-paced fixes for the myriad networking, matchmaking issues and glitches on PS4. Disconnects and freezes never being solved, or popping up again in later patches when seemingly old freezes and crashes are re-introduced by the latest patch.

As someone who waited patiently for Evolve’s release date for 2 years, I’ve felt incredibly taken adavantage of by TRS using us as crowd-source QA and taking their sweet time in fixing the ever-growing, never changing list of gameplay-interrupting bugs crashes and glitches.

(And please know, I’m aware that TRS has been basically in crunch mode still ever since release. These are hard-working and passionate people.

But “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. “The proof is in the pudding”.

These are paradigmal truisms because they have been found to be manifestly true through repeated human experience. And they absolutely apply here, to TRS.)

Console patch cycles be-damned. This is no profesional way to run a primarily online-only game. (Such long time frames to fix serious gameplay crashes and glitches.)

I recently had an itch to play again and have discovered that Skirmish on PS4 is currently a stuttering experience where you can’t stay with the same matchmade group for multiple games because character select on the next match frequently gets hung up and never loads.

Same old story. In order to play Evolve, you have to be okay with spending more time watching loading screens and waiting for crash reboots than actually playing Evolve.

It’s been to the point that you need something like Evolve Hunter’s Quest to occupy you while you “play” Evolve now. And it has been that way since at least Hunt 2.0 dropped, 2 or 3 months or whatever.

I don’t care how hard-working or earnest a developer is: that long with no actual solutions implemented for game-breaking glitches and crashes in a ‘competitive’ game is unnacceptable and would be considered so in any game.

I kinda hope games journalists rip TRS “a new one” in any potential ‘Ultimate Edition’ reviews for the frequent glitches bugs and crashes this far out from launch. But who are we kidding, they probably won’t even run articles about it. Journalists realized Evolve was semi-DOA at or soon after launch, moved on, and haven’t covered it since. So whatever…

So yeah, that’s why I spend most of my time these days playing other games and wishing and hoping for Evolve’s future, but spend little time actually playing this game.


LoL every post is going to get flagged because the truth hurts!

I really like Evolve as do most who probably come on here but there’s a time that enough’s enough and slowly but surely i’m getting to that point.

First off queueing to be monster or hunter is ridiculous,secondly when in a party always players are getting kicked infact even when you play solo,the amount of times it keeps going back to the selection role is so disheartening.

I feel like after i have 1 game nowadays that’s my fill for the day because i’m going to have to wait another 25mins+ just getting in the next game.

There’s just so many bugs when November hits if the next TU/content isn’t delivered or any good i’m parting ways with Evolve.


Most of the reasons others have listed above (don’t need to be repeated).

I stopped playing after the crashes/disconnects in Hunt 2.0, the gamemode advertised for a balanced competitive matchmaking experience, caused losses and penalties due to crashes/game problems to remain recorded for players and also hurt their rank. That’s… just not acceptable for the meat-and-potatoes gamemode Hunt is supposed to be for the game.

Also, Hunter community abusing exploits during relay fights like Medlab’s floor that can be shot through forcing the monster to fight under the relay.

Needless to say, I like others enjoy the game. But at this point, the honeymoon phase of Evolve is long over and community interest in the game is already pretty much dead. November is right around the corner with some big multiplayer titles coming out, and I can’t see the game living once players move on to the holiday games.

If the game continues to cater towards the e-sports agenda, they’re going to be the only ones left playing after November.


That’s another good point. The focus on hardcore competitive gameplay has come at the expense of everyone else. Games like Counter Strike can get away with that b/c of the huge custom content options. I know that Dungeon Defenders had a similar problem to Evolve in that the devs couldn’t release the actual source code they used to build the game.

So what did they do? They built their own editing program using the core assets which were created in-house. The result? Custom content allowed that little indie title to become ridiculously successful for many years.

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Why did I stop playing?

I didn’t