Why Did Val Join CIG9?

What are you talking about? Looks amazing. Every character should undergo that treatment. Except Jack. It just… Um… Wouldn’t suit him.

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Walrus wearing the Jackal’s helmet. Ohhh yeah!

So what exactly is Parnell’s take on CIG9? Val’s story shows he definitely has some issues trusting them and The Sword shows that he spend some time helping people break away from Hub. But at the same time he was enough of a patriot to spend some time in Sol Guard, even a division with a high mortality rate.

Unrelated question, Parnell’s suit shows him as roughly a Sergeant First Class (I don’t know how the radioactive symbol meshes with rank insignias) but the Rage Trooper program was shut down because it didn’t work. Did he spend some time in other parts of the Guard to get promoted to that rank or did they promote him as compensation before cutting him out of the Guard for potential medical reasons?