Why Did Val Join CIG9?

If CIG9 is so INFAMOUS from other Hunters’ dialogues, why did Val join CIG9? What were the reasons?

All I know is that she was apparently a ‘reluctant volunteer’.

I got this from a dropship conversation


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Isn’t that regarding her joining hunting monsters and “spying” on the hunters?

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I figured out that it was because I was watching the Official Fiction topic


I’m pretty sure someone like Lennox asked her how she joined CIG9 and she said this. I don’t know if this is the same dialogue but she goes on to say how dull that job really was.

Val was a pilot for the Sol Guard military. She was a straight A+ soldier when it came to pen and paper exams, but a pretty lousy pilot in the field. CIG9 looks for smart military flunk outs, and approached her with a tempting job offer. The rest is history.

You can hear it when she talks with parnell and sunny.


This is the best description I could find of the process.

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1: Val joined the navy because she wanted to be a naval aviator. Which she got to do, but was not very good at it and wasn’t ever going to get promoted.

2: CIG9 offered her a gig and she jumped at it for a couple of reasons.

  • She has a highly developed sense of duty.
  • The stuff she was good at, there was little use for in the Navy, but a lot of use for in intelligence.
  • It’s fucking cool. She is Jane Bond.
  • She’s moderately patriotic. She believes the corporations are dangerous and should be under civil authority. So the opportunity to keep them in check sounded good to her.

It’s important to note, CIG9 is basically the CIA + GSG9. Some people think they’re super cool. Some people think they’re super shady. Some people think both things!

Because you’re spending so much time with people who are anti-Hub (or at least, Pro Frontier) it seems like CIG9 are the bad-guys. But that’s not how someone like Caira would see it. She’d see them as just another arm of the government.


She wasn’t a reluctant volunteer for CIG9, she was a reluctant volunteer for the SHEAR mission. And even then, her reluctance was purely departmental. She’s an Operations Officer and she felt the Shear job was Intelligence.


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Val is still by far my favorite character. You did good on her.


This I feel like I’m so much like Caira now. This speaks so much to me. :smiley:

“Colonel Banfield, if you’re listening… this job sucks.” -Val


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There is no forgiveness for this.

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